Why Being Wise Helps You Meet Your Wellness Goals

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Achieving wellness is a holy grail for many. It’s something that we’re desperate to have in our lives, but it seems permanently out of reach for one reason or another.

Is wellness possible for most people most of the time? Or is it like a lottery? You could win, but you probably won’t.

It turns out that it’s probably a bit of both. You have to win the lottery in the sense that you have to be in a position where you could achieve wellness. But you also have to make the right lifestyle choices to make it happen.

This is the point where wisdom comes in. We all have an intuitive understanding of what wisdom is, but how can it help you meet your wellness goals? Let’s take a look.

You Care About Your Future Self
Many of the ills of our society come from the fact that people don’t seem to care about their future selves. All they’re interested in is the here and now: what pleasure they can derive from the moment, regardless of the impact on their future.

Some might call it wisdom from above, but deferring gratification is essential for long-term happiness and success. A person with wisdom assigns just as much weight to the desires and wellbeing of themselves twenty years from now as they do today. They avoid harmful substances, like tobacco, they eat well, and they make a habit of exercising. All of these things combined help some way toward a physically and mentally healthy future.

You Understand Yourself And Those Around You
Being wise, however, is about more than just deferring gratification: it’s also about understanding oneself and others. Many people wind up in unhealthy relationships because they do not understand the personal dysfunction that led them there or the pathology of the people they are interacting with. This lack of knowledge leads to frustration, isolation, depression, and sometimes, overt abuse.

People who understand themselves can see the problems that they generate in their lives, address them, and then move on.

You Can Dispassionately Interpret Evidence

The internet has given us access to all the world’s information. But the information that we consume may not be accurate, hence the rise of “fake news.”

Wise people, however, have an uncanny ability to interpret and evaluate evidence without putting their own personal spin on it. The wise are dispassionate and accept what the evidence says, even if it’s not what they want to hear. People with wisdom react to the evidence and then make changes in their lives, if applicable.

The most high profile battlefield right now in the field of wellness is in the area of diet and nutrition. Dozens of commentators are all vying for user attention online, proposing diets that are contradictory to one another. The skill of a wise person is to understand the conflict, look at the motivations of the people behind it, and then come to a rational, evidence-based conclusion about what it is that people should eat.

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