2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

Friday, June 7, 2019

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads can be so difficult to shop for.  For some reason, they seem to have it all which can make Father's Day a challenge.  So what do you get a picky dad or a dad that has it all? Well, here's some ideas! 

1. Take him to a steak dinner. 

You can never go wrong with a nice steak dinner, seriously.  This is a win win because he gets good food and he gets to spend time with you! Make sure you make reservations or do it on a day other than Father's Day when it will most likely be busy. 

2. Gift card for an auto parts store. 
Dads always know how to fix things, especially when it comes to automobiles.   So a gift card to the nearest auto parts store you know he shops at is always a great idea because it saves him a little money!

3.  Fishing gear.
If he is an avid fisherman you can either get a gift card to a sporting good store or you can stock up on bait you know he uses.  Double the gift by going fishing with him for a day! 

4. Comedy show. 
If your dad loves stand up comedians, consider purchasing tickets for a stand up show near you.  It's a great time to laugh, bond, eat food, and enjoy a drink.  

5. Do his yard work. 
Why not give him a break with the yard and you do all the mowing, edging, leaf blowing, etc. for a change. 

6. Booze!
If you have a dad that enjoys a good brew, either take him to a local brewery for a day out, or consider grabbing him several different locally brewed beers.  If he's into liquor, consider getting him a top shelf bottle! 

7. Go on a camping trip together. 
If your dad already loves camping and being outdoors, plan a weekend away with him.  Go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or whatever activity he chooses.   Remember, sometimes the best gift is time. 

8. Cigar time. 
If your dad is an avid cigar smoker, go to a cigar shop and pick out some top of the line cigars for him.  Bonus if you join him with one. 

9. Go golfing. 
Invite his closest buddies for a round of golf ON YOU! It's a great way to bond and get him out and about. 

10. Watch a sporting event. 
Pick a sporting event in your area and enjoy a game together. 

What are you going to get your dad for Father's Day this year? 

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

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  1. Thanks for sharing this gift idea. I got my husband a shirt so far.



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