How To Put An Outfit Together | A Basic Styling Guide

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How To Put An Outfit Together | A Basic Styling Guide

All too often I hear people say that they are terrible at putting together an outfit.  For some reason when we struggle like that, we just wear the same few outfits on a rotating schedule from our closet and everything else goes to waste.   Now, if you haven't already done a major purge of your wardrobe, make sure you get my free printable guide to purging your wardrobe to walk you through it.   When you have a closet full of only what you love most, you'll be able to put the best outfits together in no time! 

Once you've purged your wardrobe - it's time to learn how to put an outfit together.  I actually do my outfits for the week and hang them in groups by day in my closet so that I don't even have to give a second thought in the morning when I'm dressing for work.  If you use this guide to put an outfit together you will be able to easily do it the night before or even the day of. 

Step 1: Choose Your Top

Honestly, we can all agree that the top you wear is likely to get the most attention.  It's what we compliment the most on other people and what we see (besides our face) when we look in a vanity mirror.   So first you choose the top you're going to wear.   

You can choose by color or if you want to choose by pattern go ahead but I think the most common way to choose a top is by what color you want to wear or what statement you want to make with the images or words on your top.  

Step 2: Choose Your Bottoms
Next you need to look at what pants, whether it's jeans, trousers, leggings, or nothing if you're wearing a dress, look good with your top.   You can always play it safe with a pair of denim jeans or you can do some color blocking.   

I always refer to a color wheel.   The 3 primary colors always seem to look weird when worn together like red pants and a green top (hello Christmas!) so aside from that, I always loved Styling 101's post about Color Combinations.  If it looks strange on the wheel, it may look strange on you.   Play around though and get used to which of your bottoms goes with which tops. 

Step 3: Choose Layering Pieces
If you're going to layer an outfit, figure out what you want under your top or over your top, be it a cami underneath or a denim jacket over top.  Lay the top inside of the jacket to see how it looks.   Make sure the length of the jacket or cardigan doesn't interfere with the way you plan to wear your bottoms. 

Step 4: Choose Your Footwear
Now you get to finish the look off by deciding what shoes will look okay with the entire outfit from the top to the jacket.  If you are struggling with your more bold shoes, just try a neutral.  Flats always look good in Spring, Summer, and Fall by the way.  And booties are good in the cooler months but make sure they will look right with the bottoms of the jeans or pants you are wearing.  You don't want anything to be lumpy or uncomfortable in your boots. 

Step 5: Choose Your Accessories
Now this is the time to decide on any accessories.   If you have a scarf, look at how it goes with every part of your outfit.  If it doesn't look right, don't gamble on it.   A scarf is great in place of jewelry but there's something to remember about statement can make or break an outfit.   Pick out a color or design that looks right with your neckline and has colors that go with your outfit.  It doesn't have to be matchy matchy at all.  In fact a pink top can look great with a teal statement necklace.   Just hold it up next to the shirt you're wearing.  Get creative and fun!   

Step 6:  Choose Your Bag
This step is optional as most of us carry the same bag everyday for a few months.  If you are going to a special event though, you may want to choose a specific bag.  Black bags and neutral toned bags are always your best bet but you can have fun with this too.  I once wore a yellow dress with a Betsey Johnson Avocado clutch. Again, just get creative. 

Some people say they start from the bottom and work their way up when they put an outfit together, but I've found that when you do it in the 6 steps above, you will maximize the amount of outfit combos you can put together from your wardrobe, no matter how big or small it is. 

Do you struggle to put outfits together? What's your biggest challenge? 

How To Put An Outfit Together | A Basic Styling Guide

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