How To Stay Cool at a Summer Wedding

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How To Stay Cool at a Summer Wedding

Summer is a great time for weddings except for one annoying thing.  The hot humid weather that comes once July hits.   Oh, and the bugs.   And the random rain storms that give you frizzy hair.  

But that's okay! Because if you've been invited to an outdoor Summer wedding, I have some easy advice for you that will help you stay cool and feel good while you join in your friend's special day. 

Wear light colors. 

While avoiding white is a good idea, you should still go for a lighter color with the dress or attire you choose to wear to an outdoor Summer wedding.  Go for pastels like lilac or mint instead of darker colors.  The darker colors attract the sun and make you heat up much faster than a lighter color. 

Light fabric. 
At the same time you also don't want a heavy material dress or outfit at an outdoor wedding.   Keep it light and lacy. 

Wear your hair up. 
Put your hair up in a simple low bun or side ponytail so you can avoid neck sweat and getting your hair tangled and blown around while you're outside.  Pulling your hair up actually helps you stay cool too. 

Stay hydrated. 
While the drinks are flowing, you should alternate a water in between every drink you have to avoid becoming dehydrated or getting a headache. 

Sit in the shade.
if you can choose your seats and there's an area where there's shade, GO FOR IT.  Sitting in the direct sun is just crazy in the heat of the summer. 

Bring a jacket just in case.
Although the Summer days are hot, the evenings can be cooler and breezy.  So if the reception goes well into the evening hours, bring a jean jacket or a lightweight cardigan in case you do get cold.

What do you do to stay cool at Summer weddings? 

How To Stay Cool at a Summer Wedding

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  1. Thanks for sharing these idea on how to stay cool.


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