Scholarships are the Key

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

So many people these days are stressed out about money, especially when it comes to deciding on a career path for the future.  Student loans are outrageous anymore and unfortunately, too many people go to college and never use their degree.  There are some trades that don't even require a formal degree.  Today I wanted to talk about how important it is to consider a scholarship for your future.  Scholarships can help you in so many ways when it comes to making the decision to go to college and then funding yourself along the way. 

When deciding on your career field you need to do research to see what kind of formal education or training is required.  If it's not necessary to get a formal college degree, you may not want to go into debt for something you won't really use.  

But for those of you that absolutely need college for your career field, scholarships are the key. With a scholarship, you can be awarded money for whatever reason and from whatever organization that can go towards covering the cost of your education.  That means you take out less of a loan that you have to payback.  There are scholarships available for so many things. 

First you should do your research to look at what's available and what you qualify for.  There are charities that give out scholarships and even large organizations and businesses like Premier Allergy that spread the news about how to apply for their scholarships.  A scholarship can come in all different amounts and you can use it to cover your tuition, housing, books, and other expenses depending on the terms of the scholarship.

Scholarships can be posted online or in the newspaper.  They can come in all different amounts and have a whole variety of requirements to be eligible.  It will never hurt you to apply for as many as you can.  The worst thing that can happen is you don't get the scholarship but at least you tried.  

Don't ever give up when it comes to ways to be more financially savvy with your education.  Costs can add up quickly with furnishing your dorm, off campus housing, parking, food, books, and more!  You should always be as frugal as possible not just at a college really anywhere in life.  

It's not unheard of for college students to live paycheck to paycheck so it's helpful if you can secure some type of part time employment to help keep up with costs.  A roommate for off campus living can help you split costs and some people don't bother with parking fees on campus since they don't really need a car, and many can walk through town to their part time job.  

When you attend college you are building yourself a better future so don't wreck it with unnecessary spending and debt along the way!  You want to give yourself a head start in the workforce and in everyday life by already knowing how to be frugal, save money, and apply your education to your future career. 

Have you ever applied or been awarded a scholarship? 

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