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Monday, June 24, 2013

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I posted this a while back when iI started this blog but I am posting it again.... I know it sounds to good to be true because everyone always says "Take surveys and earn cash NOW!" and then you  start to register and it asks you to subscribe to mailing lists, etc.  So how do I have the legit sites that don't spam at all?  Well, I started back in 2005....  before everyone and their mother started doing surveys and before everyone and their father started scamming you into thinking you could do surveys for money.   The small number of sites I use, I have used ALL these years with no problem.  From them, I get 1 of 3 things - either points that I cash out at to get a cash voucher or a prize (free movie tix or free magazine subscriptions or gift cards to restaurants ), Paypal or check that I now cash out monthly,  or samples that I get to keep (perfume, foods, beauty products, etc.)

I promise that you have MY WORD that these will not spam your email.   These are legitimate ways to make cash from online surveys.

So why doesn't everyone do it?  Because some people don't think it's worth it to:
1. Register and  fill in profiles (something that takes a couple hours to complete all the screening profiles but you do it once and you're done)
2. People don't like waiting a couple weeks for rewards to process.
3. People don't like doing this in their extra time.  

I've done it for so many years it's routine.  I do some at breakfast, and some at night.   

The sites I use are:

Survey Frequency: I usually get 3-5 surveys a week from them. 
Survey Rewards: $1-$3 sometimes more for product tests (lots of opportunities for that) and you can cash out once your account hits $5
Reward: I cashout via Paypal and I generally get $10-$15 a month from them. 

Survey Frequency: 3-5 per day.
Survey Rewards: $1-$3 sometimes more.
Reward: Cashout via Paypal once your account hits 100 points ($10) and I generally get $20-30 a month from them.

Survey Frequency: I usually get 1-3 surveys a day from them.
Survey Rewards: $1-$4 sometimes more for product tests.
Reward: You can get an amazon gift card, visa e-card, or some other gift cards.   

Survey Frequency: I usually get 3-5 surveys a day from them. 
Survey Rewards: Using the point system surveys are anywhere from 35-100 points.  They also offer opportunities for product tests.  
RewardL You can cash out once you get 1010 (I think) points and that equals about $50-$53 in cash which they send via check.  They are also adding a PayPal option! I generally get $50 every 1-2 months  from them. 

Survey Frequency: I usually get 3-5 surveys a week from them. 
Survey Rewards: $1-$3 sometimes more for product tests and you can cash out once your account hits $5
Reward: I cashout via Paypal and I generally get $10-$15 a month from them. 

Paid View Point
Survey Frequency: Daily
Survey Rewards: 50 cents until you get to 10000 points then they cash rolls in. I can cash out each month at about $25-40.
Reward: Paypal Cash.

My advice to any of you is to be patient. It took me a few months to get the hang of everything but it is worth it. the amounts I get I look at as gas money or grocery money for the week. And if instead, you would spend time watching TV, then why not watch while you fill out surveys on yourlaptop. DUH! All of my friends that tried it after me and stuck with it are so glad they did!

Also - The amount I make would be way more if I didn't work full time and do my blog part time.  So if you are unemployed, JUST THINK about how much money you can make!

And of course, I am always here to help!

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  1. These really work??? I may have to try it out! I am always looking for a lil extra cash! Thanks for the tip!

    1. YES!!!! THey do!! Everyone im friends with knows me as the survey guru haha

  2. I do Pinecone Research surveys, and they are typically $3 per survey. I think I get about 1 per month, maybe 2 in a good month.

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  4. It makes me nervous to provide my address and work addresses for some of these? Whats your opinion? Thanks :-)

    1. Hey Michelle, All the ones above I promise you are okay. I've never had an issue in the 8plus years i've been doing them. They always ask for the address so that two ppl from the same household (or one person pretending to be two ppl) cant sign up. For the work address, u can usually opt not to give that, or you can kind of give a generic one until you finally warm up to the company :)

  5. I actually used to work for SurveySavvy :)

  6. I actually used to work for SurveySavvy and their parent company Luth Research. Definitely legit :)

  7. Wow, thanks for the heads up! About how long does the average survey take you to complete?
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I have a quick question! What do you do to file taxes for the amounts you get for surveys each year? I started surveys but I don't know what to do with the taxes for the end of the year.


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