How To Deal with Daylight Savings Time + Keep Your Spirits Up

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

You're sitting there enjoying all things Fall like the smell of the air, the colors of the leaves, and the fun pumpkin d├ęcor and then BAM! Suddenly it's getting dark RIGHT as you leave work so you basically didn't get to see the light of day first hand except through an office window, if you're lucky enough to have one.  Sure that extra hour of sleep is great but then you start feeling the early darkness blues.

You are not alone friends and because of that I wanted to give you some guidance on how to keep your spirits up and stay busy during the darkest months of the season.  These methods have worked for me and since we turn the clocks back soon, I figured now is the perfect time.

I sit on the porch any chance I get on the weekends.

Make the Most of Any Sunlight
If you leave for work when it's dark out and you get home when it's dark out, it's really going to wear you down during the week because NO ONE likes total darkness.  Choose to take a quick walk outside on your breaks or eat lunch outside.  If it's a chillier day, don't hesitate to eat lunch in your car, where you can still be out and surrounded by the sunlight.  On weekends, take advantage of the sunlight during the day by scheduling outdoor activities like going to orchards, doing yard work, taking walks, or grilling out.  Why sit inside watching TV when you are going to do that once it's gets dark anyways?  So get up and get off your butt.

Now's a good time to invest in a fitness tracker to get you moving!

Stay Active
I know this part sucks to hear, but staying active will help you beat the seasonal blues.  Your brain may not get endorphins from the sun but it can get them from exercising.  If you hate exercising, trust me I feel you, but even simple things like jumping jacks, squats, a brisk walk, and a deep cleaning of your home top to bottom can help burn calories and boost endorphins that will make you feel better.

Get some pretty To Do Lists and start listing stuff to keep you productive!

Plan Indoor Tasks to Stay Productive
Most people HATE organizing and purging the inside of their home in the Spring and Summer months because who wants to be cooped up inside when you go lounge by the pool? So prepare for the early darkness by making a list of tasks you want to complete over the next few months that you've been putting off like purging your basement storage items, reorganizing your closet, or painting a room.  Then break that list up by month and week or weekend and not only will you get thins done but you'll have a task to look forward to each week rather than just being a couch potato.

Meal Planning will help you stay on track!

Eat Whole and Healthy Foods
We tend to seek out comfort food when we feel down and we lack energy to make better choices.  So master the art of meal planning and use my free printables and try to avoid starch and carb heavy things.  Trust me people, this will make you put on weight so of healthy alternatives. Instead of mashed potatoes, choose mashed cauliflower or parsnips.  Parsnips are my favorite because they are sweet like a carrot and still fill me up like I ate potatoes. Include veggies in every meal, and try to avoid getting pizza or Chinese food every week.  Try for just once a month with the unhealthy splurges.  Your body will thank you (and me) once Spring comes around.
What a great excuse to eat food - lunch date with a friend!

Make Plans with Fellow Human Beings
Yes, that's right. I know you want to hibernate and be anti-social but we are indeed social creatures and getting together with your friends once a month or so will greatly boost your mood and get those endorphins flowing.  Whether it's a manicure, spa day, shopping trip, or just a quick meal, getting out of the house and having a reason to get dolled up and be social will help you get out of whatever rut you feel you're in. 

Trust me I get it, the constant darkness can really suck the life out of you but I promise that if you try some of these ways to keep your spirits up, the dark months will be over before you know it plus you'll look great, feel great, have a clean home, and have strong relationships with others.

Do you get bummed out once it starts getting dark out sooner?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. I need to get better at meal plan.


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