5 Ways to Boost Creativity

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

As a writer, creativity can be a struggle. If I’m tired or have a lot going on, it’s hard to get into the creative space in my mind that births amazing ideas. Musicians, artists, writers, and designers are all types of careers and hobbies that require creativity. So what happens when you’re in a rut with writer’s block or you just lost your mojo? Well, here are a few ways you can boost creativity and get back on track.

#1 Surround Yourself with Influence

Head to the library and check out lots and lots of books relating to a topic you want to explore or get motivated about. Then sit down and read, read, read! Sometimes when I’m really struggling on advice-oriented post, I start reading self help books and articles and it flicks a switch in my brain and the ideas come rolling out. If you want to create art relating to the ocean, take a trip to the beach. If you want to get your music writing mojo back, hang out with other musicians or catch a local show. When you surround yourself with people and things that motivate you, you’ll likely find the inspiration comes to you quickly.

#2 Jot Down Ideas ASAP

The worst part about getting a great idea is that it usually happens at the WORST time when you can’t just stop and put it into action. When I get an idea no matter where I’m at whether it’s in my car or at my job, I either dictate it into my phone, jot it down on paper with bullet points, or I will email it or text it to myself. So it may be an idea for a blog post and then I will also include a few bullet points of things I wanted to include or points I wanted to make. I’m telling you, every time I didn’t do this, I would sit down to write and couldn’t think of a darn thing to say.

#3 Let Yourself Decompress

Sometimes you just need a hard reset mentally and physically. Take time out to stop being on the go or constantly doing things and just rest. Let your brain reset and let your body get re-energized. Turn your phone off and avoid distractions that will keep you from just zoning out. Self-care is an important part of creativity because mental blocks can occur when our mind and body are in a million places at once. Quiet the mind, rest the soul, soothe the body.

#4 Ask for Suggestions

Sometimes when you just can’t find the inspiration, you need to ask for suggestions. I’ve literally put it out there on my social media for people to give me topics they’d love to see me write about. This is a great way to make sure you’re meeting the needs of your audience but also a great way to let someone else give you the ideas.

#5 Recycle

There are times I will write about a topic I already covered but I revamp it, refresh it, and add new info. You can play music similar to a song you’ve already played, you can create art that is similar to what you’ve already created, and you can really recycle anything because there’s nothing wrong with doing that. You will always have new audience members that will be seeing something for the first time and even your regular folks will likely not remember the details of every single thing you’ve ever done before.

What do you do to help you with creativity when you’re feeling less than inspired?


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