How To Practice Radical Self-Love

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Self-love is a word that gets thrown around a lot without people really grasping the concept of it and putting into action in their everyday life. The thing is, practicing radical self-love is the greatest thing you can ever do to yourself because you’re literally prioritizing YOU and you’re showering yourself with love and positivity.
Too often we talk down to ourselves even just out of habit. If we drop something we might call ourselves an idiot and when we look in the mirror, we’re always noticing and pointing out our own flaws. But really, we have no flaws. We are all perfect. We are created a certain way from the powers that be and we’re made to shine our light in this world. There is nothing but pure beauty in that. So with all that being said, it’s time for YOU to start practicing radical self-love. You deserve it. You exist for a reason and you’re beautiful and YOU MATTER!!! Here are some ways you can start.

Talk to Yourself

No really…look into a mirror every morning and throughout the day. Stare into your own eyes and tell yourself some amazing things just like you would if your friend were standing in front of you. Come up with positive affirmations and mantras for yourself. Maybe start the day off before you head to work by glancing in the mirror and telling yourself “I will gracefully handle everything that comes my way today.” Take a few moments before bed to tell yourself “I am a divine beautiful being.” Uplifting yourself in these ways can set the tone for your whole day but it also can

Pamper Yourself

Go out of your way to treat yourself and I don’t mean by going on a shopping spree. I mean, get some fancy bath salts and oils and fill your tub and decorate it with candles and flower petals and take the BEST soak ever. Touch your beautiful body and skin and relish in the moments you have to yourself. Relax and let yourself take a nap afterwards. Walk around the house in a cozy robe the rest of the day if you must. When you prioritize self-care you are showing yourself SO much love. You’re giving yourself value and saying, “I MATTER!” to the world and to yourself.

Set Strong Boundaries and Enforce Them

Saying NO is super empowering and it’s an important part of self-care and self-love. Boundaries are limits you set for yourself in regard to things you won’t accept, won’t do, or won’t let affect you and your life. Boundaries at work mean not letting people walk all over you, not saying yes to every assignment that’s voluntary, and setting plans to keep those boundaries in place. Boundaries at home can mean adhering to the rules you make for your children and household. Boundaries in general with life may mean standing up for yourself, not just doing something because someone asks you to but only because you truly want to, and other things along those lines. The important thing about boundaries is that we set them to protect us and keep us sane. If you said yes to anything and everything you’d be exhausted and unhappy. Boundaries are a great way to practice self-care and self-love.

Be Content with Yourself

Just because society says your body should weigh less or you should be doing something different like becoming vegan or working out every day, doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, before trying to improve anything about yourself or your life, you need to be happy and accept it how it is now. You are good enough now, you are beautiful enough now, and you are amazing. Now, if you’re health is declining and you need to work on that, it doesn’t mean you aren’t right the way you are, it means you’re in there, just the way you should be, but right now you have to fight to defend that and keep yourself healthy and strong.

Learn to Be Alone and Love Yourself the MOST

Relationships are great, but they shouldn’t define our lives. We are not better or complete with someone, we are happy with them and together we are very powerful. You need to learn to love yourself first so that you only settle for the best. This goes hand in hand with boundaries. When Samantha in Sex and the City says to Smith “I love you but I love me more” I was screaming “YEA SIS!” at the TV. This is what I mean. She loved him, but in the end, she loved herself more, so much so that she did what was best for her in the end which meant moving on without him. Loving yourself unconditionally regardless of your relationship status is so important. KNOW YOUR VALUE! Don’t settle. If you struggle with loving yourself, there are lots of self-help books out there that are very empowering. Also many people speak with a therapist to find an outlet for their feelings and to unload the things they hold inside. Remember that at the end of your life, you only have yourself. You leave this world with yourself just like you can into it yourself. If you aren’t truly happy with the person you are, you’re doing a great disservice to yourself. If there are things you want to improve about yourself, go ahead and work on them but you still need to love yourself at any stage because you are always a work in progress, improving every day.

What are some ways you practice radical self-love with yourself?


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