6 Trends in Hair and Makeup This Summer

Thursday, April 16, 2020

This year it’s important to be individual, creative, and to have fun with your look. There’s no shame in hiding colored hair or makeup tricks. It’s time to get bigger, bolder and more colorful this summer. Here are some looks that have been trending already this year.

High Ponytails

These are perfect for summer and are a great technique to take years of your face. It’s all about being practical when the weather gets hot and nobody wants a sweaty fringe. Clip your hair back into a high ponytail, braided or not and with the fun accessories of your choice.


This celeb born style of highlights has been very popular with all ages, and hair types. Highlights are created by sweeping hair lightener on by hand to create stunning waves and gentle graduation towards the end. Definitely worth asking your local hair-dresser if he or she can recreate this Hollywood trend.

Two-tone Hair Color

After ombre, balayage, or anti-ombre, letting your hair grow out to show the contrast between the two colors is trending for the summer. So don’t be afraid to show off those roots and under-layers. If you want to go for an even more fun look add colors as well, like blues and pinks, it’s all about contrast.

Facial jewelry

The more you decorate your face the better, you can fit in as many adornments as you like. Funnily enough tooth jewelry was very popular in 2019 and it’s still trending now. If you’re feeling like a quirky new look, or a new part of your body to flaunt, why not have a look yourself. This fun and kooky trend has been all the rage with singers such as Hailey Bieber. The monroe piercing is also popular if you dare to make a more permanent change to your look. If you’re interested in more information, find out what is a monroe piercing.

Bold Eyes

Anything you can do to accentuate your eyes, lashes, and brows is very in at the moment. There are various treatments going round such an eye-lift, which without resorting to surgery, creates bigger and more open eyes. Many people have been opting for this treatment recently, along with HD brows and eyelash extensions. If you want to create similar effects with makeup tricks go for dramatic eye-liner. You can experiment with color, even cool tones are back in. Bulk up your eyebrows as well with a powder or pencil-powder combo for the best effect.

90s Classic Glam

There’s no subtlety in those 90s style, sculpted features. Go for heavy, matte eyeshadow to bring out the eyes, daring lip liner, and use colors like browns, mauves, and taupes. Don’t be afraid of blush either, full blush is trending at the moment and it gives a refreshed, youthful look.

This year it’s all about being playful and experimental, the natural look is out. Have fun with new, exciting styles for the summer and go with your best instincts. Let your personality shine through.

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