Earthing | What It Is + How It’s Changed My Life

Monday, April 13, 2020

Today I’m going to share something super magical and exciting with you that you may or may not have heard of before. It’s called Earthing and it has literally changed my life and helped heal me in so many ways, both physically and mentally.

A few months back, I read the Earthing book and watched the Earthing documentary for free on Youtube. I knew about this concept but didn’t necessarily have a name for it. My mind was blown, and it’s legit and it’s SCIENCE backed which is great. So for those of you who have heard and are curious or those of you who have no idea, buckle up, because you’re gonna love this!

According to the Earthing Institue, Earthing is the act of grounding yourself and using the healing power of the Earth. You see, the Earth has potent painkilling, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and stress reducing properties. Think of the Earth as a big battery that has electrons pulsating through the surface. You may not be able to see it but it’s there. The electrons are always replenished by the sun and the frequencies from it actually give our planet and it’s oceans a negative charge. If you hook up a reader you can actually see the charge. If someone stands on the Earth in bare feet in direct contact, they actually have that charge as well. This charge is what keeps everything in rhythm and balance. Animals and plants have this same constant connection with the Earth.

But humans…. Well, aside from barefoot ones, they don’t. Our modern lifestyles have completely disconnected us from the Earth. We wear footwear on our feet almost 24/7 and it’s mostly made up on synthetic materials. We are no longer using animal hides for warmth or sleeping and standing directly on the ground, even inside of our home structures. We have become ungrounded and it’s believed to be a major contributing factor to all of our ailments.

So Earthing is quite literally when you stand or place your bare skin directly on the Earth.

Our bodies work electrically just like the Earth does. Every movement or thought has frequencies and electric transmissions in the body like our heart, brain, and immune system. They send messages throughout the body to heal, rest, and protect.

Because we are so ungrounded many people have inflammatory issues with their bodies. Most of our chronic illnesses are linked to chronic inflammation aka PAIN. Even the natural process of aging has to do with inflammation.

Benefits of Earthing

When you are grounded from Earthing, you are getting electric nutrients from the ground and it’s maintaining the natural order and healing within the bioelectrical circuit of your body.

Your daily chemical and hormonal cycles are regulated and maintained by the electromagnetic signals. Our bodies have receptors for them and they help establish our circadian rhythms. Many people report that they sleep better and feel well rested after a night of sleep. People have even reported that they slept so good they have more energy during the day than ever before. When you’re ungrounded you’re full of free radicals which can cause damage and disease. But Earthing neutralizes those. Earthing pretty much charges your electrical battery in this way.

Your injuries can heal when there is inflammation involved. Accelerated healing of burns, wounds, muscle inflammation, and surgery has been reported. Earthing can reduce or even prevent the signs of inflammation from injuries from heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function.

People with allergies have found relief. And people suffering from pain have found relief from Earthing too! They report that they feel less pain and their injuries heal more quickly.

Anxiety (inflammation of the brain) and other mental ailments get relief. Your brain can suddenly stop feeling scattered and more “zen”. People felt happier and less stressed. Grounding can make you feel relaxed on many levels.

Earthing is good for bone issues like arthritis and even overall circulation.

There are so many things that it has helped with and the book and documentary showed me so many that I was just shocked no one realized this sooner.

How can you experience benefits from Earthing?

There are several ways to do this.

#1 Go barefoot on the ground outside for half hour or more a day. You can also do this in the ocean or on concrete as long as they are directly connected to the Earth underneath. Soil, grass, sand, and rocks are all conducive. Moist surfaces are even better so on a rainy day, embrace the wet grass.

#2 If you live somewhere that the weather isn’t going to allow you to do this outdoors on a daily basis, that’s okay! There are Earthing mats that you can stand on, rest your feet on at your desk, and even sleep on that can give you these same benefits. There are even Earthing sheets, patches, and body bands. A great idea is to sleep grounded so you wake up refreshed and have all the benefits during the day.

But of course you’re probably wondering, how will I know if it’s working? Just try it. Most people feel better right away. Your mind won’t be so scattered, your pain and soreness may disappear or greatly reduce, and you may start sleeping better right away. Maybe you suddenly have more energy to go about your day.

This is by no means a new concept. There are Native American tribes that literally bury a sick person up to their neck in dirt so they can absorb the healing powers of the Earth.

The only precaution is that you should talk to your doctor first if you’re on any kind of blood thinner since Earthing has been known to have a blood thinning effect. It’s just a smart choice to discuss anything like this with your medical professional first.

So how did Earthing help me?

Well, I realized I was achy on a regular basis with my back, neck, and shoulders. But after sitting outside with my bare feet on the ground for a good 30-40 minutes, it went away. I felt lighter, more energized, more focused, and my mind was calmer. I wasn’t anxious and having feelings of dread. I felt so alive. I still do. I feel much more connected with nature and I feel more stable in my mind. I notice I feel stronger when I exercise like I have less holding me back.

Sometimes when I feel like crying after a super stressful day at work, all I need is a brief romp in the grass and I feel SO much better.

I already thought I slept fine but I wake up even more well rested now and I rarely wake up during the night. It’s so hard to explain every single benefit and the best way I can describe it is just feeling better, more alive, and more whole. You really truly do have to see for yourself, and the best part about that is that you can do it for free. GO STAND OUTSIDE IN BARE FEET!

Have you ever heard of or practiced Earthing before? What was your experience?


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