Is Surgery The Best Solution To Your Health Problem?

Thursday, April 30, 2020

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Surgery exists to solve problems. There are lots of health issues in life that can potentially be solved with surgery. Or, let me rephrase that slightly. There area health issues where surgery is a treatment option. This doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to go under the knife, but you have the option of doing so if you want.

Many people assume that surgery is the ultimate solution. It’s the thought of physically fixing yourself or removing something bad from your body. However, is it always the best solution to your health problem? Much depends on the specifics of your issue, but here are a few things to mull over before getting a ticket to the operating room:

It doesn’t always address the underlying issue

Sometimes, surgery exists as more of a quick fix than anything else. Take something like liposuction as an example. If you’re overweight, then undergoing surgery can help you lose weight. However, the underlying issue of you being greedy and eating lots of food hasn’t been solved. So, unless you change your habits, you will just put the weight back on. It would be far better to avoid surgery and eat healthily while exercising regularly.

There is a significant risk involved

Even the smallest of procedures can carry significant risks. Surgery is potentially very dangerous, and all it takes is one tiny mishap to cause a big problem. This is why surgeons and doctors always look to get informed consent before they do anything. They want you to understand the risks you’re taking. In some cases, it is worth the risk. Still, in many others, it simply isn’t worth it. As such, surgery is more of a last resort option than anything else. If you’re going to put yourself at such a heightened risk, then it better be the only choice you have.

It’s not always successful or permanent

Another drawback of surgery is that success is never 100% guaranteed. You could undergo surgery and see no results afterward. Or, you can have a somewhat successful operation, only for the problem to come back around. You see this a lot with people who have back, shoulder, or hip surgery. They see temporary relief, but the problem returns. As a result, they need more surgery, which only damages the body further. Many physical health problems to do with joints and muscles can be solved with a good rehab routine. This can be far more successful and permanent than surgery!

All in all, surgery isn’t something you should actively seek out. It has its benefits, sure. But, I believe that you should look for more natural ways of curing your health problems before you resort to it. Try changing your lifestyle habits, see a physiotherapist, do whatever you can to avoid getting surgery. If you still haven’t solved your issue, then it could be time to go under the knife. The main takeaway is that you shouldn’t always assume surgery is the best option right away. It can be in many scenarios - like when treating things like cancer or internal organ issues - but always seek out alternatives first.

The outcome may not be what you expect

If you were involved in a serious accident, such as a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, then surgery might be the best option. Your surgeons might have to operate immediately to get the best result for you. In this case, it makes sense to listen to the experts and go under the knife. In other cases, however, such as cosmetic surgery, the need for the procedure is not essential to your overall health – although admittedly, it might be very important to your wellbeing. However, it’s worth considering your procedure very carefully and talking to consultants and experts. In a case like cosmetic surgery there is a high chance the end result won’t meet your expectations and you will find that you are disappointed.

You might have to accept your condition anyway

Surgical procedures, whether they are cosmetic, or medical are not always successful, and there are many things that can go wrong. If you feel that you have something on your body that you want to fix or alter it can be frustrating and irritating, especially when you think that with the right procedure it could be solved. But when you stop to consider the success rates of many of the procedures like the one you want it might bring you down to earth with a bump. It can be a difficult thing to hear – that the procedure you want carries risks and may not be successful – but listening to the advice could save you a lot of emotional pain, not to mention money. So long as your condition is not life-threatening it is always worth considering whether it is a better idea to accept the situation instead of trying hard to change it.

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