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Friday, April 17, 2020

It’s Spring!!! I’m so happy! Figured it was time for another update of what’s going on in my life lately.

So obviously life has been weird.  I've been working from home at my full time job since the middle of March and I don't know how long this will continue.  

Many people are celebrating having more free time but I realized nothing really has changed for me.  I still wake up early at the same time to do my morning tasks then start work from 7am-3pm.  I cook, clean, and tend to the dogs like usual.  I still go to bed at the same time and just as before, I only need to make a grocery run every 1-2 weeks.  So really, the only thing I'm not doing is driving to work each day which adds up to 20 minutes per day and I haven't been volunteering on Mondays. 

Still, I'm trying to enjoy the weather more now.  I am outside on the porch working when I'm able to, I'm going outside to lay in the sun on my lunch break, and in the evenings I'm outside as much as possible.  It's also almost time to start seriously gardening. 

And I actually am doing something different this year - I'm using a garden journal from TOAD! They have planners and notebooks you can purchase and even customize. 

 I'm mapping out where I plant all my seeds after the frost then I'll have one page per plant type where I log when they were sewn or planted.  Then each week I will write the growth I see, and when I harvest certain things. 

This year I want to make some jams, tinctures, and salves with my herbs so I'm so excited to have a journal to actually write everything out in.  It even has a plastic cover to protect it if it gets a little wet or dirty. 

It's also got a nice spiral binding and I really like that I was able to choose the size, pattern, pages, and what's written on front.

You guys have to get a journal this year for you household and garden tasks.  Stay tuned as I share more from my garden this year!

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