What You Need To Know About Compressed Air Filters

Friday, April 17, 2020

Air compressors are important equipment pieces to have in many industrial and home hobby settings because they provide power to essential tools such as impact wrenches, and airbrushes. These units need air filters to run and the right ones will help them run better for longer.


Why Are They Needed?

Air compressors take air from the atmosphere and compress it so that it is released in a powerful stream which is used to spin the motors of tools or to clean surfaces. When there is no filter on these units, dust and other particulates will be pulled through the compressor as well as through the tank, hoses and equipment attached to it. Various substances can also condense out of the air in storage tanks or hoses, and this buildup can lead to wear and tear as well as eventual failure. Donaldson compressed air filters and condensate drains are designed to catch these particulates to match the air purity needed by so there is less damage and buildup throughout your system.

How To Choose the Right One?

Particulate filters will trap dust and particles inside the material, coalescing types will make small moisture drops or mist stick together until they are large enough to run down them, and activated carbon filters will capture oil odors and vapors. Using these three in a chain will produce air for food production or breathing tank purposes, but your application will usually need just one type of filter. Your condenser manual should list the filter manufacturer and part number to help you choose the right one for that unit, but you will want to make sure that your condenser is designed for the type of filtration you need.

What Maintenance Do They Need?

The type and model of filter your condenser uses will change the maintenance tasks which are needed. For instance, particulate type ones will need to be changed on a regular basis, so the buildup does not restrict air flow, and some models can easily come free of the housing so you do not have to change the entire filter unit. When your condenser has differential pressure sensors, you can see when the filter needs to be changed. These sensors measure the drop in pressure between the supply and output of the unit and a drop in pressure means that the filter is clogged.
Air compressor filters help your unit run better for longer while producing the purity of air you need. There are different types and models of filters to choose from and they need to be changed regularly to extend the life of your condenser and the tools it powers.

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