How To Style A Boat Dock

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

If you live near water, a boat dock can be a great addition to your outdoor space.  Whether you are decorating it for a specific season or you just want to maintain it year-round here are some great ways to spruce it up.

When you have a boat you can really use it to get out with friends and family and see nature up close and personal, more than you can see from standing on land.  I grew up with a creek in my backyard and it made a huge difference with how I spent my time with my family.  So many people along the creek had boats so they had little docks made for their boats and when I was in a boat going by, it was cool to see how they were all done up

Most people have a durable dock box that helps keep their dock tidy since you have a place to throw garbage away and to store your gear.  There are different designs and sizes so you can find the best one for your own dock.  Remember that when you aren't in your boat, your items need to be kept safe so a secure dock box is very important.  Plus, when you're out getting on the boat you have access to all the items you absolutely need. 

Steps make it safe and easy to get on and off your boat.  You want durable steps that can withstand the sun and the elements.  This is also important for guests that may lose their balance so steps with a rail are a great choice especially for kids and older folks.  Most steps have a nice grip on the bottom so they can't slide around when in use. 

A ladder is another way to make it easier to get in and out of your boat.  They can be adjusted for different tide levels and it gives your entire dock and boat a nice professional look.  Make sure you take care of your ladder and replace it if it starts to get old and unsafe. 

Lighting looks good but also is great for safety.  Nothing looks more luxurious than lights by the water at sunset.  It makes it easier to hang around once you get off the boat and are packing up to go home. 

Other Decor
You can install seating on your dock and paint it different colors or add plants and other accent decor.  Whatever you do to customize it to your own style makes it all the more special when using it. 

Remember that a dock is practical and stylish because it adds some personality to your lifestyle and hobbies but it also can make it easier for you to use your boat, go fishing, and have a place to just hang out. You can make your own decor for it or you can buy some.  I've seen docks that are decorated with things found in nature like driftwood, large stones, and more.  Really it's all up to you and your individual taste.

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