3 Great Tips for Creating Your Family's At-Home Staycation Destination

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Wondering how you can enhance family bonding time with your kids? Many families today are spending more time at home together, and they’re upgrading the home with entertainment options as a result. Consider these three backyard upgrades that will turn your home into your family’s favorite staycation destination. 

1. Install a Swimming Pool

Who can resist the allure of a gorgeous backyard swimming pool? Your backyard staycation just isn’t complete without an in-ground swimming pool with all of the features that each member of the family will love. Include aesthetic upgrades like an infinity edge or a magical waterfall. Fun features like a pool basketball hoop, waterslide and the classic diving board will keep your kids coming back for hours of endless activity and entertainment. As always, you need to put safety first. Include a quality fence in the design of your new favorite backyard feature. Professional installation of a security fence Texas will give you peace of mind that your pool is secure at all times.
2. Create an Outdoor Living Space

Many homeowners are now looking at the outdoors as an extension of living space. An outdoor living space can take several forms. You could have a zone dedicated to food preparation and eating. Another zone could be your lounge space. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to purchase some durable outdoor furniture, as well as some quality lighting, to make the space comfortable for outdoor family time. You should also consider adding luxury options to the space – an outdoor television as well as a speaker system provide next-level entertainment for you and your kids.
3. Add a Fire Pit

A great feature to add to your outdoor living space is a cozy fire pit. In spite of the name, fire pits have come a long way in recent years, and there are some interesting options that will add some visual interest and personality to your outdoor space. You could choose an upgraded gas firepit that requires little or no maintenance. These fire elements add a clean, contemporary look to your outdoor area if that’s what you desire. For a more rustic and natural fire element, choose a fire pit sphere. These artist-designed features are enhanced by the flickering light of the fire, and they’ll make quite the statement in your family’s private outdoor space.

Create lasting family memories by bonding with your loved ones in the comfort of your own backyard. Follow these tips and you’ll soon have your family’s go-to destination for activity and endless fun!

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