6 Health Issues to Expect After 50

Thursday, October 29, 2020


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It's no secret that health issues increase as you get older. This is just a fact of life, even if you strive to live the healthiest and most active lifestyle you can. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about health problems, but you must understand what you could expect and encounter, especially after turning fifty.

High Blood Pressure

Many people associate high blood pressure with stress, and after living on this earth for 50-plus years, it's not surprising that you're stressed. However, there is a medical reason that people experience high blood pressure as they age. Your blood vessels lose their flexibility, which adds pressure to the circulation system that flows through your body. As two in every three adults (in the US) have high blood pressure, it is not an uncommon problem, but regular exercise, a healthy weight, and kicking bad habits such as smoking can help you keep your blood pressure low.


While diabetes is not confined to people 50 and over, it does come with more issues than anyone younger who has diabetes, and the risk of diabetes increases the older you get. If you don't handle your diabetes correctly and follow the doctor's advice, there is a risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and even blindness. You can mitigate this risk by having regular checkups with the doctor, regardless of how uncomfortable this might make you feel. At the very least, it will give you the peace of mind you need to continue living a healthy and happy life.


Scoliosis comes in many forms. Some people experience congenital scoliosis, which they were born with, whereas others might encounter adult degenerative scoliosis. Whichever is more relevant to you, it's essential to understand your options and why it could happen. The longer your scoliosis goes unchecked, the more severe problems can be. As many people, especially women, will have scoliosis without any pain, you must keep a close eye on any spine curvature that could indicate that you need to consider getting treatment or advice from your doctor.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something you expect from old age; you don't need anyone to remind you of that. However, with medical technology advancements across the past decade, you don't need to experience a severe change in your lifestyle. In fact, with modern hearing aids, you will hardly notice a difference. These hearing aids can connect to Bluetooth, allowing you to answer calls and talk hands-free, while the multiple options, including BTE, ITC, and ITE, enable you to pick the model that works best for you. Despite this, you can't enjoy such functions without first recognizing you have hearing loss. If you find yourself zoning out of conversations, regularly turning the TV or radio up, or being stressed in social situations because you can't follow, it could be a sign that you are experiencing hearing loss.

Vision Issues

The same goes for vision issues. Issues such as cataracts and glaucoma are two problems that you may encounter as you grow older. Like any condition, it's important to recognize the problems before they become worse. Blurry vision is the first indicator of this, and it might give you headaches as you try to focus too carefully on small text or images. If left unchecked, these issues could be dangerous for you and others, especially driving or even walking somewhere. You should book an eye test every two years to keep up to date on any problems.

Bladder Problems

Yep. It's not a pleasant thing to talk about, but a weak bladder is something you're going to have to get used to as you get older. You'll find you need to wake up regularly during the night to go to the bathroom, which is inconvenient at best, but it could also be a sign of something worse. A lack of bladder control can come from an enlarged prostate, whereas nerve issues or even muscle weakness can impact your ability to hold it in. Ditching caffeine can help with this and avoid lifting anything too heavy, which would otherwise put pressure on your body and cause problems.

Fifty and Feelin' Fine

You know you don't feel as young as you once did, but that's okay. While it can be a little scary knowing that it's likely you'll experience at least one of these health issues later in life, it is not the end of the world. Instead, you will know that it is coming, and you'll be able to take the correct steps to mitigate any problems, ensuring you can live your life as usual for as long as possible.
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