What Lipstick Should You Be Wearing With Your Shades?

Monday, October 26, 2020


You probably have your shades on every day. Your sunglasses won’t only make you look good, they’ll also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you squint too often because of the glare from the sun, you’ll be adding to fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. While shades protect your eyes, they are also a fashion statement and when paired with the right colour of lipstick, they can bring your outfit to another level. 
Caramel Coloured Glasses With Red Or Orange Lips

This is a great combination to use during the summer. If you’ve got a pair of caramel coloured sunglasses in your home and you are thinking about what lipstick to wear, go for fiery red or vibrant orange. Both colours look amazing with caramel coloured shades.

Humps Optics has exclusive women’s sunglasses, with the most popular ones being the classic round series. You may want to check out this series of discount designer women’s sunglasses. Other popular series include the memory metal frame and the polarized slim round ones. All the mentioned styles can be bought with a caramel coloured frame. Red or orange lips and caramel shades is a smouldering combo that brings great character to your look.

Toffee Coloured Lips With A Polished Brown Frame

Sun kissed frames with a burnished finish look great with toffee coloured lipstick. This style also blends well together if you’ve got light coloured hair. If your hair is dark brown or black, this isn’t the style for you. Toffee coloured lips aren’t something you see every day and adding polished brown frames will give you a complete look. If you’ve invested in burnished frames and you are looking for a lipstick to match, you cannot go wrong with this amazing combination.

When trying out this pattern, remember some of these important tips:

· Opt for a no-liner look

· Go for brown eyeshadow

· Apply black mascara

· Use toffee crème to complete the look

Once you remember all these ingredients, your shades and lipstick combo will come together just nicely.

Pink Lips With Classic Dark Glasses

When we talk about dark glasses, we tend to sway towards black frames instead of brown. When you have pale skin and you like to wear black sunglasses, you need light coloured lips to match the look. This style is all about contrast. You have dark shades, light lips, and pale skin in all one. Although dark brown frames will suffice with this combo, it is best to go for black framed shades.

Cherry Lips & Dark Sunglasses

This is another great combination using dark shades and cherry coloured lips. Again, we are going for a contrast in colours, the bright lipstick colour works great with the dark sunglasses. This is all about balance and using cherry or vibrant pink with dark sunglasses is the best way to match your lips and your shades. Pink lipstick also works well with golden coloured sunglasses.

This article has highlighted a few great combinations when it comes to shades and lipstick. If you are struggling to match your sunglasses with your lipstick, copy some of the tips above and see what you think of these sequences. You can always experiment yourself and see what works best for you. There is no harm in being unique and finding your own style.

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