Common Roadblocks to Getting Your Home Organized

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 Often times I hear people say that they would just love to get their home organized and tidied up but they are overwhelmed and can never get through it.  So I started asking those people what they specifically struggle with.  And they told me.  Today I'm sharing some of the reasons and some suggestions on how to get through the roadblocks.   Title Image Above and delete this line.

I don't have the time. 

You don't need a ton of time to do this.  I know, life is so exhausting and there are so many things we have to do.  But, if you can set aside just an hour a day or even an hour a week you can tackle some areas of your home.   Use a list like my free printable KonMari checklist to do little bits at a time.  Check them off as you go. 

I don't have the energy. 
You don't need a lot of energy for every part of your home.  You can start with easy stuff first.  If you're watching the kids play in the pool, organize the pool bin.  Empty it, purge what you don't need, and then neatly put what you're keeping away.  And whenever you ARE feeling energized, that's a good time to tackle parts of your home that really need organized. You build momentum as you go because it feels good to see the before and after.

I don't know where to start. 
Go by category.  Not by room.  The checklist I shared above is great for that.  All like items should be put together and then purged and organized.  Look at each item and after you have grouped like items together, if you find you have 20 pairs of scissors and you only need 5, then get rid of the rest.

I don't know what to do with all my stuff. 
Donate it, sell it, or pitch it.  Put it out on the curb for free. Trust me, someone will always want stuff. And when you work with one category at a time you won't get overwhelmed with too many things at once as much as you would if you went room by room.

I don't like to let stuff to go. 
But what's the purpose of keeping it? If you are convinced you'll need something, designate a bin to put it in.  Keep the bin for a year. If you haven't used it by then, you know you can let it go. 

Remember, you can also get my free printable home management binder which will help you with your organized home!

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  1. I go through phases of purging like crazy and then having a hard time letting go, but overall I feel SO much better with less stuff and when my life is organized.

  2. I love to purge every so often. Just feels good to let go of "things"! Great tips. Have a good start to the new week. Hugs. Kris


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