How To Handle Writer's Fatigue

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

So it's time to talk about something that plagues all bloggers, writers, and content creators at at least one point in time.  Writer's fatigue.  When you suddenly have no motivation and the creativity stops flowing.  It happens to the best of us, and it totally sucks.   But here's how to get a handle on it.

Take a Break

Writing and creating is like any other part of life. Sometimes it gets old and you get stuck in a rut.  The thing is, if you fight it, you'll be putting anything but your best out there.  If you begin to struggle with creating content, just take a break.  Step away.  This can be for a few hours, a few days, or even a week or two.  I've literally went an entire month without blogging (I had posts already written and scheduled ahead of time which I'll get to next).  It feels good and it lets your brain rest and when you start back up you will be re-energized. 

Plan your Content
I always have at least two months of blog post ideas written down at any given time.  The posts may not be fully written out but I have the topic I want to write about.  This means at any time I do feel like writing, I can look at my prompt and then let it flow.  This also will totally save you because if you write your content way ahead of time, it's okay to stop writing for a couple weeks because you already have posts written and scheduled to go live on your blog or social media.  When I feel super motivated I'll write as many as I can.  In March I actually had posts written out through September.  How amazing is that? Whenever the inspiration hits you get it down and out of your head so that you don't have to try to do it later.  Sometimes I grab my phone and dictate something into my notes that I can add to a post later. 

Look for Prompts
There are tons of writing prompts that will pop up from a simple google search.  When you are truly at a standstill, look up prompts and pick the ones that you identify with and write them down.  If you have the time, begin to write the entire post for each prompt. 

Recycle Old Content
You can always look at your best posts and rewrite them again, adding some new info.  This makes it super easy to come up with something to write about and usually your best posts are things you can always write about. 

Ask for Ideas
It's never a bad idea to ask your audience what they want to read about on your site or social media channels.  This is the best way to put out great content because it's literally exactly what your readers want! 

Remember that you are not alone and this happens to everyone. Why do you think authors often lock themselves away for weeks on end to get their book done? What tips do you have for getting through writer's fatigue?

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