How To Make The Hospital Waiting Time Go By Faster With Small Children

Monday, October 26, 2020


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So, the worst has happened and your little one has taken ill or sustained an injury. Whether they fell over in the playground or tumbled down the stairs, you have rushed to A&E to ensure that they relieve attention quickly and are running around driving you crazy again in no time. However, you now have to contend with:

A child who could be injured/in pain

A lengthy wait time in the emergency room.

In fact, 90 percent of all emergency rooms in the US deal with overcrowding daily. This is due to a multitude of factors, including increased pressure on hospitals, reduced staff, reduced funding, and people heading to A&E with injuries that could have been dealt with at home. As a result, you may need to find different ways of passing the time to ensure that your child is distracted from any pain they may be feeling, whilst also helping the time pass that little bit quicker.

Offer them support

The best way you can help your child during this time is through being there to offer support. If your child is often brave, let them know that it is okay to cry sometimes. Be their shoulder to cry on!

Read a book

Usually, there are plenty of reading materials in a waiting room for you to look through. So, sit close to your child and read a story out loud to them. By encouraging them to think about something other than their injury, you are helping them feel more relaxed and comfortable. It is also a great time for them to develop their reading skills.

Play I Spy

There is always something happening in a busy hospital waiting room, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to divert your child's attention elsewhere. Games such as I spy are also a great way to allow your child to develop better attention to detail and gain an understanding of the world around them. Even better, it can be a lot of fun!

If you finish playing I spy, there are plenty of fun games you can play that will keep smaller children entertained, that won’t cause too much of a scene in the waiting room, either. After all, it is important that you also ensure you don’t disturb those around you.

Play Mobile Games

Although you must try and find ways of limiting your child’s screen time, there is nothing wrong with letting them play on your phone when they are in a hospital waiting room. Again, it is a useful way of allowing them to have a little fun and take their mind of how they are feeling. There are plenty of free kid-friendly games available for both iPhone and Android users!

Watch a Film

Another way to help the time pass quickly is by watching a film or television series on your phone. However, if doing this, you must wear headphones to minimize any distraction from those around you. Although you may have watched it a thousand times before, now is the perfect time for your child to watch their favorite film or TV show. It is certain to help put a smile back on their face whilst they wait to be attended to.

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  1. This is super helpful- hospital waiting rooms are so boring!

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