Why Your Dog Could Be The Life Coach You Have Always Needed

Monday, October 19, 2020


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Every dog owner knows that their adorable puppies can bring them hours of joy, but did you know that you can learn a lot from them too? Taking some tips from your dog's outlook on life could be the boost you need.


They can enhance your social life.

Dogs are social animals, so they can provide the perfect opportunity to make your new connections.There are websites dedicated to helping dog lovers meet up. Have a look around and see if there is a walking group in your area. Every new meet up is an opportunity for your life as well as your dog's.

They are a great personal trainer.

Those daily doggy walks are great for you too. If you are feeling particularly vigorous, why not turn those walks into a run? Depending on your breed, you could go for miles. If a run isn't your style, then how about a spot of Dog Yoga. DOGA, as it is now known, can be an exceedingly fun playtime for your pet while you get to stretch those muscles and add some chilled out zen time into your day.

They are the BFF you need when you are down.

We all have those days where you want to curl up on the sofa and watch terrible TV. Maybe it's been a grueling day at work or a relationship that has hit the rocks. Sometimes, you don't want to tell your friends every detail of what has happened over a glass of wine. Well, with your dog, you don't need to. Experts from the University of Lincoln and San Paolo have confirmed what every dog owner already knows: Dogs can read human emotions. This means when they cuddle up, your dog is trying to comfort you. They don't need to know why you're reaching for that extra big bar of chocolate. They will be there for you when you need it.

They can be healthy eating inspiration.

You want your dog to be fit and healthy, which is why you turn to something like Freshpet reviews to find nutritious pet food. Well, take a leaf out of their book. Do you notice a difference when your dog is eating healthily? Are they happier? More full of energy? If the answer is yes, it makes complete sense that it will be the same for you. Don't give your dog the best ingredients and then reach for the junk food for yourself. Fresh ingredients could make you both bounce out of bed with a spring in your step.

They can help you achieve your work-life balance.

It is something we all strive for—that perfect work-life balance. Well, your canine chum can be the answer. Your dog needs routine. Dogs need to be walked and fed and given toilet breaks throughout the day. Use that routine to shape your day too. If you know your dog will be itching for their exercise, then you have to power down your screen and finish that task tomorrow.

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