What Types of Insurance Do I Really Need?

Thursday, October 8, 2020


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Insurance is often useful when having to pay large unexpected costs – by paying small contributions each month, you can avoid having to pay large out-of-pocket sums in the future. Nowadays, you can get insured against practically anything. Below are the insurance schemes that really matter.

Auto insurance

If you drive any kind of automotive vehicle, you’ll need auto insurance. In fact, you must have third-party coverage as a minimum legal requirement. It’s possible to add extra levels of compensation on top such as breakdown cover, cover against fire and theft and repair cover – just bear in mind that the more coverage you add, the more expensive your insurance rates will be.

There are lots of ways to save money on auto insurance such as keeping a clean driving record, keeping a good credit score and raising your deductible.

Health insurance

Health insurance can provide cover for healthcare and medical procedures. None of us know when we might have an accident or come down with an illness that requires expensive treatment – health insurance can help to cover this treatment in such an event.

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle can help you to enjoy low insurance premiums. Certain people may be eligible for free or discounted insurance – make sure to look into Medicaid and Medicare if you are old or disabled.

Business insurance

If you run your own business, you’ll likely need some form of business insurance. Different types of insurance exist for different types of business. For instance, if you run a tattoo studio, you can read more here about the unique options available to you. Types of insurance such as public liability and commercial property insurance are the most common.

Different types of business coverage can often be bundled to reduce costs. You may also be able to save costs by reducing risk in your business (such as introducing strict health and safety measures to avoid workplace injuries).

Life insurance

If you haven’t got money set aside for your funeral, it could be worth taking out life insurance. This insurance scheme can offer your loved ones a payment when you die so that they don’t have to fund your funeral. Life insurance usually covers a period of ten years before it has to be renewed.

Your life insurance rates are likely to be affected by your lifestyle. If you work a potentially dangerous occupation or have health problems, you could find that your life insurance rates are higher.

Home insurance

Home insurance can help to cover various disasters affecting your home that are out of your control. This could include burglary, fire and storm damage. Some home insurance schemes can extend beyond this, even covering wear and tear (but such coverage often costs extra).

Home insurance rates are likely to be dependent on the risk that your home poses. Certain fire safety and security features such as burglar alarms and security lighting could help to lower your home insurance rates. In some cases, you may be able to bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance to save costs.

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  1. From all the TV ads...it seems we may need insurance on our insurance. How could a person afford so many insurances. Insuring a beater car for it's repairs is a joke. Think about the amounts of insurance on home appliances...get the maintainance agreement if you must. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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