Duck Tales: My Backyard Duck Family

Monday, October 19, 2020

So in April, the usual male and female mallard duck couple were in the pond out back.  After a couple weeks I bought them some cracked corn to see if they'd come near me.  And they did.  I know that in years past, Mama always tried to have a nest nearby but something always got it.  But one day, I noticed she would disappear at night instead of flying away with Daddy.  Then I saw her go onto this little island on the pond and I realized she must have a nest.  I figured out when they would hatch from the date I started to see her disappearing.  And sure enough, April 27th  brought the babies!

 I got to watch the 6 little babies grow until the day they flew away.  It got to the point where they would come up in the yard and chase me down demanding some snacks.  They loved cracked corn and dried mealworms.

 Each week they got bigger and bigger.  I watched their adult feathers start to come in.

 I got to watch them practice flying from land into the pond and around the neighborhood.  I accompanied them on walks where they explored the yard.  And each day, there were less of them, as in the final week here, they were confident enough to fly away to the creek nearby.

 And then one day they were all gone.  Even Mama.  I was so happy for them and I know they'll be back to visit.

And sure enough, although they flew away before their 10 week birthday, on their actual 10 week birthday, one came back to visit.  Little Girl landed in the yard and ran up to me for a snack.  It was so cool to see her again even though she was only gone a few days.  

I hope you enjoyed my magickal little duck tale story and here's hoping it happens again next Spring!

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