How 2020 Has Changed My Life For The Better

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

2020 has been a hell of a year so far.  I know there have been plenty of negative things that have happened but for me, I'm focusing on the positive today because it has changed my life in the best way possible.  Here's how....

I have slowed down.

I mean really.  I used to live such a fast pace life because I made it part of my daily routine.  Wake up, rush to get ready for work, rush to get home, rush to do other things.  It was always a whirlwind which kept me in a highly elevated state of stress which is NOT GOOD for the body.  Thanks to being able to work from home, that's when I first saw the slow down.  Then I began looking at other parts of my life.  All the things I did on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis I had to ask myself if I really needed to do?  What could I cut out? For starters I deleted many unused apps on my phone, turned off unnecessary notifications, unsubscribed from lots of email lists, and deleted the game apps on my phone.  I realized this would save me 80 hours a month! So this brings me to my next couple of points.

I've saved money and time. 
Obviously when things shut down I couldn't go and spend money on the things I used to.  So I really started evaluating those things.  I used to justify some expenses like manicures and pedicures each month as self care.  But then I I really need them? I quickly realized saving money with cutting things out permanently actually gives me time back as well.  First, I vowed to never get a manicure again.  Instead I paint my own nails.   I also gave up pedicures.  I do it myself.  I will allow myself 1-2 a year.  Cutting those things out saved me 2-3 hours a month and $80ish a month.  Then I began cutting my one dog's nails myself.  Grace is normally weird about that but I overcame my fear and successfully used a dremel on her.  This saves me an hour a month and around $20 a month (with tip). I cancelled some subscription boxes, saving me $50 a month.  And finally, I decided I don't need to get my hair colored anymore, just cut.  So breaking down the yearly cost, I saved $40 a month on that.  I am so proud of myself for this.

I've made money AND cleaned out my home. 
I also began purging areas of my home I thought I purged enough before.  But this time, instead of just donating everything, I started listed somethings online.  Super exciting, because I've made a decent amount of cash to put towards my savings goals.  

I've connected with nature. 
Obviously being stuck in the house is no fun, so ever since February, any chance I got, I was outside.   I learned so much about my yard and the wooded area and pond behind it.  I planted a native flower garden at the foot of the yard, and I watched a duck family raise their babies from eggs to adulthood when they flew away.  I saved a few baby birds, and picked up a TON of trash from my neighborhood.  I would not have been able to open up this side of myself without everything being shut down.  

So really, this has been a blessing.  I love a slower pace of life with less consumerism.  How has everything affected you for the better? 

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  1. It's so good that you've turned 2020 into a year that worked FOR you despite all the craziness. I have definitely slowed down, too- and cleaning and purging areas of my house has been really refreshing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Thank you so much <3 I am so glad others can relate!


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