Meet My Houseplants

Friday, October 2, 2020

I realized as I scrolled through Tik Tok that I wasn't the only person that became obsessed with houseplants during the lockdown this year.  In fact, I always thought I could never have houseplants because my house didn't get enough light inside. But boy was I wrong.  So without further ado, here are my plant babies!

 I love my Rubber Plant Tineke because of the pattern on the leaves. She is doing great and has sprouted new leaves through Summer!
 The coveted Monstera Delicioso which I suggest everyone have in their home. I can't wait to see how big she grows.
 Philodendron brasil! So pretty isn't it?
 Raphidophora Tetrasperma (I think) is this plant and it's nickname is a mini monstera.
 Peperomia which I love because of the leaf colors.
 Burro's tail which is super pretty and I heard horror stories but mine has been doing great.
 Philodendron Birkin which I love because the name sounds so darn classy.
 My chain of hearts is one of my favorite plants ever. The leaves are little hearts.
 Yucca Cane which is so pretty and although he battled fungus gnats he is thriving now!
 A lovely string of pearls.
 Carl my cast iron plant which is apparently hard to kill so let's see!
 Dieffenbachia which is also known as Dumb Cane and is toxic with it's sap so be very careful with these.
 Chinese Evergreen Tigress - obviously named for the leaves with tiger stripes.
 Deja Vu Philodendron.  Idk, I think she's cute!
 This is the Pilea plant which has little pups that you can separate from the mother plant and give to friends.
 Arrowhead Plant - super easy so far.

 Dracaena - a pretty easy plant... or so they say.

 Snake plants - also very easy.
 My gorgeous mini peace lily.
 A pothos my mom gave me cuttings of and they are doing great!
 Coffee plant - super cute and easy so far.

 Croton. A fickle biotch.

 My big peace lily.

 These are also snake plants.
 Gloria my fiddle leaf fig.
 I've had this lucky  bamboo since 2009!
 Calathea - so pretty!

 ZZ plants which are also VERY EASY!
 Philodendron, nuff said.
 Another form of monstera, the swiss cheese plant!

 Croton Picasso's Paintbrush.

And finally, my parlor palm. 

So check back in another 2 weeks because I'm gonna tell you everything you need to know about houseplants. 

What houseplants do you have? 

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