Fun Games For Younger Children

Monday, April 23, 2018

Keeping your kids entertained can be a nightmare and whilst sometimes it may seem impossible, it is anything but. There are plenty of games out there that cater to toddlers and it’s good to make use of them in this all-important time of development.


The Hokey-Pokey, otherwise known as Hokey-Cokey in the UK, is a classic game that teaches your kids how to remember the names of their body parts, right and left, and how to follow directions. To begin playing it, you will need to
teach your child the song and then you can begin singing and dancing whilst teaching them and entertaining them. Once the song has become easy for your child, and they know all of their body parts with ease, you may want to consider modifying the song. This allows you to teach them the names and body parts of animals and creatures that aren’t human, and it means you can keep playing until they lose interest.

Mobile Apps

If you have a modern mobile phone or a tablet, you can find many
interactive games for your kids to play. These games are great for teaching your child because they are often free and provide hours of stimulation and entertainment, without needing much input from yourself. This means you can sit back and relax for a change as your youngster’s cognitive ability improves.

 Board Games

Board games have had years of development and have been used to entertain children of all ages way before modern technology has been around. This means that there are numerous board
Games For 3 Year Olds which are specifically designed to target certain skills, or even a range of them. Being relatively easy to set up, easily transportable, and highly replayable, board games are a strong choice for teaching toddlers various skills such as cognitive skills, sharing, memory, teamwork, and more.

Bean-Bag Toss

Bean-bag toss is a game that helps develop motor skills and colour matching by throwing bean-bags into the appropriate areas. To set up the game you need a reasonable amount of space, some coloured bean-bags, and some coloured tape or string. Using the tape/string, you will create coloured spaces with a size of your choice and get your child to throw the bean-bags to the area that matches its colour. After playing this, you should notice an improvement in their ability to match colours and, hopefully, their ability to throw. There are various ways to make the game more difficult as your child becomes more skilled, such as extending the distance from the target and using multi-coloured bean-bags and areas.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to let your kids use their energy whilst improving their ability to follow instructions, hone memory skills, and in some cases – boost teamwork. The basic objective of this game is to give your toddler a name of an object or a visual shape of an object and encourage them to look for one that fits that criteria. By doing so, they will learn various things depending on what task you gave them such as colour, shape, name, size and more.

It is recommended that you play some of these games in playgroups to encourage team work and to allow the games to be played to their full extent. Enjoy a relaxing reprieve in your busy schedule or a fun playtime with your kid!

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