4 Compelling Reasons For Owning a Family Pet in 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Did you know that pets are remarkable not just for adults but kids too? Your pets' ability to adore, care for, comfort and be funny makes them a fantastic addition to every home. A 2019 study proposed that approximately 85 million US homes have a pet compared to 35 million households with children. Meanwhile, the APPMA claims more than $60 billion is spent by American pet owners due to the numerous advantages of having one at home. Want to know more? Here are some compelling reasons to have a pet at home this year.

They are great for kids

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Pets are scientifically proven to be useful for children to become responsible, confident, and kind. Additionally, several studies have proposed numerous health advantages, including reduced risk of developing asthma and other sensitivities when interacting with pets. Households with pets tend to have more active and dynamic children since they always have a partner to play with. If you have shy kids, consider getting them a pet since they'll likely engage other pet owners during a walk or at the park.

Pets are great companions

Companionship is one of the essential needs for each individual triggered by the need to feel affection and closeness. Pets make the best of allies as they stay with you regardless. Unlike your ex or best friend, your pet won't pass judgment or desert you when you need it the most. After what has been a long day, you return home to see someone eagerly waiting to welcome you home. How's that not a great feeling? For a person that frequently takes road trips or travels, a dog can be great company. Find a travel-friendly breed, spec up with a dog car hammock, get some supplies, and you are set for a worthwhile experience. Dog breeds like Toy Poodle, Affenpinscher, and Brussels Griffon are considered great travel dogs.

They make great guards

Pets, particularly dogs, are great rescuers. They are notable for their ability to guard and fight even in dangerous and life-threatening circumstances. Dogs will stay close to protect you from anything that may appear as a danger. Not just dogs, other creatures like birds are exceptional watchmen for your home since they can sense immediate danger. Against the widespread perception that only dogs can keep you safe, few other pets can undoubtedly flag a threat to their owner immediately.

Pets can help build social connections

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Pets are great for expanding your social circle. A study has proposed that pets can help you build more social connections since pet owners have considerable mutual interests. For instance, taking your pet for a stroll in the park can get you to meet and interact with other pet owners. Many individuals, especially children, will want to get close to you and your pet at the park or recreational facility. These associations, no matter how little, can get you feeling glad and positive about everyday life.

With over 6.5 million pets being admitted to shelters every year, an estimated 1.5 million are euthanized due to limited resources for the upkeep. The numbers aren't reassuring; knowing individuals can't take care of these beautiful creatures is quite disheartening. But why not try having one and create unforgettable memories.

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