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Tuesday, January 12, 2021


If you're reading this post you may be wondering how to even start a blog or how to begin your own brand and I have to say there are great tutorials and resources out there on the internet for that  But when it comes to growing your blog and your brand, that's a whole different story.  You may have a blog to go with your shop or store or you may have a blog that helps boost your income.  Maybe you have a brand where you offer products that meet the needs of your customer but you're struggling to reach more of an audience.  Everyone can benefit from growing their brand.  Maybe it means more sales, more traffic, or more clicks on your affiliate links; but no matter what the benefits are, you have to put in the work.

The following tips are great for bloggers and people that are trying to get their brand moving forward and growing.  These tips are ones that I have tried and succeeded with and even some that I need to work better at.  I've collected this advice over the last 8 years of blogging from conferences, other bloggers, and my own experience of seeing what does and doesn't work.

Fulfill the Need of Your Reader or Customer

In order to put content out that attracts readers you need to put yourself in their shoes.  What needs do they have that you can fulfill?  Maybe they just need a laugh, maybe they need fashion advice, or maybe they need to buy some beauty products that you just so happen to hand make.  You need to market yourself and your blog so that it serves a purpose.  For me as an advice blogger I try to solve common problems that people have whether it has to do with money, getting organized, or staying fit and healthy.  If your products from your brand meet the need of a common issue, explain that and celebrate the fact that you have a solution for people. Make sure that your customers have a reason to purchase and use what you're offering.

Work with Other Bloggers or Brands

Working with other bloggers in collaborations is a great way to get their readers to become your readers as well. Sometimes I link to a random blog post from another blog I enjoy reading.  I've also teamed up with other bloggers for giveaways and I always interact with them on social media.  A very important way to get yourself noticed is by visiting other blogs and leaving GENUINE comments on their posts.  Now, when I say genuine I mean more than just "Great Post" because trust me as a blogger, I hate that and I totally know when you're commenting just to get more traffic.  Read my post, process it, and make a genuine comment or add your 2 cents but don't be generic.  When other people see that they aren't going to want to check you out.  At the end of your comment make sure you link to your own blog.  This is how other people may stumble upon your blog from another one.  Also, reach out and find your blogging bestie.  For years now I've been meeting up with Monica of Jersey Girl, Texan Heart to spend time together and we've actually become best friends. She was even at my wedding reception!   It's so important to network and it can help you grow your brand in so many ways.

Market Your Content

There are so many ways to market your content.  Some people choose to run ads and others choose to run giveaway promotions. You can run ads in local media in your area if that's your target audience or even globally.  But the important thing is that you learn how to use tools for creators or resources like Facebook Ad Creative. You don't have to be an expert in marketing to do this if you can find someone to help you or even work with an ad agency.  You want to make sure your target audience is seeing your brand and to do that you need to know how to reach that demographic, how to appeal with design, and what to say.  Marketing is an important part of growing your brand and of course there are expenses but that's what makes it worth it. You have to invest in order to grow and marketing is a GREAT thing to invest in!

Make Your Website Attractive

This is a very important aspect of having a website.  Choose a nice clean layout and a simple background.  And make sure you have an attractive logo and/or header. This is where you may need to invest a little bit of money to have a graphic designer help you out but trust me it's worth it. Sometimes you have to ask your users for input whether it's a pop up survey or you just take to social media and ask them how they feel about your website or blog.

Respond to Comments

When someone comments on a blog post or engages with you on social media, make sure you respond in a very timely manner.  Don't just give a generic thank you but instead thank them for visiting and respond to their comment acknowledging that you're paying attention to what they are saying.  This is a great way to make readers feel appreciated. It's also a great way to network and meet other people and even potential customers or clients.

Create a Work Zone and Get Organized

Make sure you have a little area of your home that you can get some quiet and focus on writing your blog posts. This will help you get in the zone and avoid distractions.  I have a little office area with no TV or music and that's where I go.  Sometimes if it's nice out I'll sit on the porch and do some blogging on my laptop.  You also need a way to stay organized as a blogger so consider getting a planner book where you can brainstorm ideas and schedule when your blog posts will go out. You need to find a space where you can focus and really be left alone without interruptions.  If you need a quiet place to take phone calls, make sure you have a place you can go where you can close the door and take that call or have that video meeting.

So if you polish up on some of these skills, and keep this in mind in the future you should see some improvements in your traffic and growth of your brand or blog.

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