Career Success: 9 Things You Can do to Remain Productive in 2021

Friday, January 15, 2021

Being productive is something that should be a priority, regardless of whether you are already settled into a permanent job or you have just begun your placement. There is a significant difference between an industrious person and a non-productive one. A productive person has done a lot of things to become that way. Being productive not only makes you a better person but also ensures that you can be effective in your role and enables you to develop your career. Here are some things you can do to remain productive.

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Use a Day Planner

There are numerous benefits of using a day planner. Using a digital or paper day planner can help you manage your time well and improve your productivity. Pick a planner and adhere to it for that year. The daily planner will help you get more organized and offers you relief from the stresses of a chaotic schedule.

Have a Regular Morning Routine

If you have had a chance to read the daily routine of most successful people, you will know that there are specific things they do every morning. For instance, they reply to their emails first thing when they wake up and take their time to do some exercise. You might not be a tycoon; however, having a steady morning routine is significant.

The best way to go about forming a morning routine is by noting down all the things that are vital in your day and then rank them accordingly. For instance, if there is that thing that you always do and feel more productive throughout the day, make it part of your morning routine and do it before anything else.
Avoid Phone Distractions

The temptation of checking all your social media apps while at work can be very intense. Turning off your notifications might be an option, but it can also be good to adjust the display of your phone to grayscale. This eliminates the color from the screen to reduce the drive. To avoid these distractions even more effectively, download any app that will help you lock your phone for a particular period of time, to allow you to focus entirely on your work.

If you are working from home, your family might be a distraction. Try finding an alternative working space, like a coffee shop or the library.
Use Your Commute

Many reasons can make you change your commute. If you have been in an accident, you need to know what to do after a car accident. Meanwhile, you can use alternative commute methods. Swap your normal commute activities like listening to language tapes or podcasts with something even more productive. Write down a to-do list or even read articles that are relevant and helpful to you.
Reduce your Caffeine Consumption

Everybody loves coffee, it helps jump-start our day. Studies reveal that caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world. And just as coffee enthusiasts can tell, your body develops a certain tolerance. This means you must drink more to get the same effect from coffee or face a hammering headache throughout the day.

Caffeine can be extremely helpful when taken in small quantities, as it offers your body the boost of energy it needs and attentiveness. Caffeine also enhances cognitive and motor performance gives a short memory improvement and enhances the precision of response and the ability to pay attention.

However, people who consume a lot of coffee experience some side effects. For example, taking coffee a few hours before bedtime can significantly interfere with your ability to sleep. You won’t get enough sleep and will end up drinking more coffee to stay alert the next day. Even if you consume a lot of coffee, you will have to pay your sleep debt ultimately. Otherwise, the sleep deficiency will start building up and that will adversely affect your productivity.
Take a Break

Your brain will need a break after some hours of continuous work. You might think that taking a break from work is contradictory to efficiency, especially when you are very busy; however, breaks are a great way for your body to rejuvenate and reset your mind. Take a short break every hour to stretch and look away from your screen. Most workstations have a compulsory schedule with devoted short breaks to increase their worker’s productivity.
Use the Two Minute Rule

Throughout your day, you regularly get and evaluate tasks as well as mails, and this can feel like a triage. You can end up with a pile of tiny unfinished to-dos. This is where the two minutes rule will come in handy. The two-minute rule entails finishing the task that can take at least two minutes and taking two minutes to start on tiny jobs that you have been ignoring.

When you get a message or receive an assignment, deliberate the time it would take to complete it. If it is about two minutes, do it right now and remove it from your to-do list. If it will take more than two minutes, write it down in a reminder for next time.
Exercise Everyday

According to many studies, exercise can help you increase your productivity by boosting your energy, improving your moods, and promoting better sleep. You need a mental and physical break from your work, and exercise can give you exactly that. Apart from that, being in your greatest physical shape will help you improve your general workability.
Create Time to Connect with your Friends and Family

Nothing can really substitute the good time we spend with our friends and families; that is why it is referred to as quality time and is beneficial to your mental health. Your job is vital; however, don’t make it your entire life. When creating time for your loved ones, ensure that no work schedule will interfere with it. Keep in mind that no one in your job will love you and appreciate you the way your family does. Creating time to connect with your loved ones is a great way to achieve a healthy work and life balance which is crucial to your overall productivity.
Final Word

Being industrious is an excellent way to be successful. Treat your time as a gem if you want to be efficient with it. More importantly, avoid making excuses and be kind to yourself. Make every hour, minute, and second count to move forward and stay productive. Be as consistent as you can and let yourself learn and improve new skills, and you can be sure that your efficiency will improve and you will be successful.

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