How Men Can Create The Fifty Shades Of Grey Look

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Men, you may not have read the Fifty Shades of Grey books, but I am sure you have heard of the star attraction; Mr Christian Grey. You have all seen the Facebook statuses, heard women gushing over their new ‘love’ and some of you have even had the infortune to be shoved aside whilst your partner has another ten minutes alone with the irresistible Mr Grey. Frustrating, right?

But Christian Grey is just a figure of the imagination. He is mere words on a piece of paper. And the reason he is considered so desirable is largely to do with his described confidence, his swagger and his impeccable dress sense. All of these are attributes which you can boast. So why not go one better than Mr Grey and be a version of him in reality?

Confidence is something you can emulate yourself, so let’s deal with dress sense. Don’t worry; you don’t need to read the entire three Fifty Shades of Grey books to get an impressive look down. Mr Grey’s look is quite simple in actuality and that’s why it works so well. Don’t try too hard is the number one rule for any man looking to attract a bit of attention. Mr Grey’s style whilst at work or attending events is sleek and sophisticated. However, when it comes to chill out time his signature look is a pair of loose-fitted grey jogging bottoms and a crisp white t-shirt.

We are sure the chilled out style is something which you can all easily pull off. Now, let’s work on the formalwear. Remember – don’t try too hard! Keep it simple. The key to any formal look is to start with a pair of smart men’s trousers. Go for a simplistic colour, such as grey or black. You can then add more attraction with the shirt and the tie.

A lot of men tend to go for a plain shirt and then an eye-catching tie. However, it is advisable to reverse this. Stick to a sleek black tie, it looks suave and sophisticated. Then add colour with the shirt. But don’t go overboard; fuchsia pink and bright orange is more Boy George then George Clooney! Try one of the following; a mint green, a pale blue or a very light lilac.

And finally, on the style front, add a suit jacket if the occasion calls for it. However, make sure it is colour coordinated with the trousers. If you fail to do this then your look will be confused and messy.

As mentioned, it is all about confidence when it comes to pulling off this look. Yes, you can get your confidence from the clothes you wear. You can also get confidence from a new haircut, for instance. However, confidence really does come from within. Therefore, the number one thing you need to do is make sure that you love the person you are. For some people, this can be easier said than done. But now is the time for you to realise how amazing you are!

There are some people that have hang-ups that hold them back. For example, you may not like the way your nose looks, you may feel self-conscious about the way you speak, or you may wear a hearing aid and feel conscious about this. Of course, there is no reason to feel this way, but it doesn’t stop you from doing so!

It is important to embrace the person you are. We can assure you that most people you meet are not going to care that you have got hearing loss. If anyone does, they are certainly not worth your time, and it says more about them as a person than it does you! Embrace it; this is what makes you, you! Keep up with your audiologist appointments, prioritize hearing aid maintenance, and you will find that this does not hold your confidence back.

So there you have it: Forget Mr Grey, make yourself the star attraction! If you use the tips that have been provided in this blog post, not only can you make sure that your style is on point, but you can be sure that you have the supreme confidence that goes with it. Of course, remember, there is a difference between confidence and arrogance, and it is often a very fine line, so you do need to be careful in this regard, but we are sure you will be able to master it to perfection!

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