My 2020 Highlights

Monday, January 4, 2021

2020 was certainly an interesting year, not just for me, but the entire world.  But no matter what happens in a year, I always try to focus on the highlights no matter how many rough time there are.  Here are my 2020 highlights.  


I watched a duck family grow in the Spring.  We had two ducks nesting out back in the pond and 6 babies made it to adulthood. We fed them everyday and watched them until they finally flew away!   When lock down first started in March is when I was feeding mom and dad every day.  Then in April I realized mom had a nest.  They hatched and seriously, without them I don't know how I would have survived being stuck at home. 

 I began painting and selling commissioned paintings as a side hustle. It was a great way to spend the cold winter days inside the house. I pretty much was doing people's pets which was super fun and I've always been naturally good at drawing and painting animals.  I did a bunch of my own paintings for around my home as well.

I embraced my spirituality.  I actually did this in 2019 but it was carrying over to 2020 and REALLY helped me get through the lock down. This is something that will carry over into 2021 and forever more of course!

Got a new Chihuahua puppy named Daisy after we lost Stella.  It's been so long since I had a puppy but you know what, it was a breath of fresh air for my seniors.  They got a little more pep in their step!
It was still an uneventful year for the most part since I didn't go many places or do anything to crazy. What were the highlights of your 2020?

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  1. Oh Ellen your new little pup is adorable. I bet Daisy is giving the older kiddos a pep in their step for sure. I just saw a story about a little chiwawas that was loose and on the run for almost a year in a area and no one could catch it. He was in bad shape with living outside for so long. All the neighbors were trying to feed and leave water for him. Then one lady that lived there was able to befriend and work on trust with this little guy and got him to come into her home for the cold months. She now has befriended him and she was able to get him to her Vet and now he is learning to love being indoors and a pet again. Such a touching story. With your love of chiwawas I thought I would share that with you.

    1. Daisy def keeps them on their tiny toes lol! i I am so glad that the chichi story you read had a happy ending <3 yay!


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