Finding The Best Place To Purchase Your Engagement Ring

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

After the year that was 2020, we all need something to look forward to in 2021, and what better occasion than getting married? If you want to get engaged this year and want to get the most engagement ring that you can for your money, you will need to know what you want and shop around.

There is a wealth of variety available when choosing an engagement ring. Educating yourself before you go shopping is an excellent way to make your money go further.

Get An Education In Engagement Rings

Before you look for rings for sale in your area, you will first want to educate yourself in what makes an engagement ring valuable. You will need to understand the 4 Cs when it comes to diamonds, which are:

· Colour

· Cut

· Clarity

· Carat Weight

You will also need to learn about the different cuts of gems available and which ones can look stunning but will cost less. There are many excellent resources available online that you can use to educate yourself.

Search For A Reputable Jewellery Store

Those pink diamond rings Australia showcases may have caught your attention, and you are looking to get a ring that’s designed similarly. The problem is, however, is that ready-made rings don’t actually possess all the features your loved one would want, so before you go ahead and purchase one, you may want to instead go for bespoke, and a reputable jeweller can help you with that.

When looking for your ring, you will want to start by using the internet and look for reputable jewellery stores that offer high-quality bespoke jewellery. Many stores on the high street will provide mass-produced jewellery, which is of a lower quality, and when you compare the price, you will see there is not a lot of difference. You will want to create a list of potential jewellery stores to speak to and research each and look at their online reputation before contacting them.

Ask Lots Of Questions

When you are ready to speak to the jewellery designers, you will want to have a list of questions put together to ask each of the designers on your list. Most reputable jewellers are more than willing to educate their customers in jewellery, so sometimes it is best to give the impression you know nothing, even though you have educated yourself in the matter. Ask them all the same questions and compare their answers, and you will also want to judge the level of service each provides and compare these against each other. Ideally, you will want to narrow your list down to two or three different jewellers, and then you can arrange a visit to each of them.

Visit The Jewellers Workshop

You will next want to arrange a visit to the workshops of the jewellery companies you have been talking to and speak to each in person. You will be able to get a much better idea of the service they offer when you visit them in person, and you can also look at some of the previous designs they have created, including some gems they are selling. Some may have loose pink diamonds for sale, and if those are precious stones you know your beloved would love to own, then it’s worth having a look. With the recent closure of the Argyle Mine, pink diamonds, which the mine ranked first in producing, are deemed to increase in price.

Once you have answers to all your questions and have seen each jeweller, you can decide from which one you will commission your engagement ring. The cost is a vital aspect of your engagement ring, but it is often better to select a high-quality ring, rather than the cheapest option. Take your time to decide, and select the highest quality ring at a price you can afford, which will put a smile on your face for the rest of 2021.

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