How Stories And Reading Help Children Learn About Life

Thursday, January 7, 2021


Human beings are separating from the rest of the animal kingdom because we have two distinct things. We have speech and we have a reason. We can absorb life experiences, learn from them, and then pass them onto our kids so they have a better chance at success. However, as parents, we have to admit that sometimes, we are not the best communicators. That’s okay, you can’t be great at everything. But you do still need to have storytelling abilities or some kind of way to convey tales to your children. So how can you do that? By books, reading and explaining stories of course!


Simple matters

The very first thing that toddlers learn when it comes to reading is life lessons. The tortoise and the hare is a great story. It tells about an overconfident but talented young hare, and an old but experienced tortoise. The hare is admired for being the fastest thing on four legs while the tortoise is not seen as anything special. The tortoise challenges the hare to a race after the hare is bold and brash, claiming that nothing can beat him. As you know, the former, wins and everyone is shocked. What does this convey to kids? It shows that no matter how awesome you are, no one is infallible, especially when someone is so determined to succeed, they will take their time and keep going. Perseverance, dedication and keeping the old ego in check, are key ingredients to success.

Visualizing through listening

Have you noticed that audiobooks have become the norm now? You might both like and dislike this because you want kids to read books and not just listen to them being read to them. However, it has been proven that audio books for kids help those with dyslexia and those that want more visuals to the stories they are reading. This can help them with verbs, adjectives, and pronouns. Descriptions are something that piles up. One character alone can be an entire page’s length of words. A bear, with sharp claws, thick brown fur, bright wet eyes, pointy teeth, fluffy ears, a long slender snout, small boisterous tail, and a walk that has a purpose, might be difficult for a toddler to picture. But these audiobooks have visuals so it's easy to pile all these words together and absorb what is on the page.


Read to them

Reading to children is something that every parent used to do. However, with our modern busy lives, we don’t usually have the time to do this anymore. But make time! Children have questions about what they are reading and they won’t ask them if you are not there to either read to them, with them or just sit and watch over their learning.

Parents should begin to consider how they can help their children read in the modern era. There is a great technology to hand, great services, and good old fashioned reading as a fun activity.

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