My Newly Edited + Organized Closet Tour

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


So obviously, I am already a very organized person but each year I revisit certain areas of my home to see what I can do better and after watching The Home Edit in 2020 and combining that with the KonMari Method, I redid my closet because I still felt it was too cluttered and there wasn't enough breathing room.  So here's my closet and how it's transformed.

Here is my closet now:
This was my closet last year:
The major differences are that I got rid of more things so I have more space and I can arrange this in a better way  with more breathing room.  Here are my small handbags and back packs and my jeans now:  
A year ago it looked like the below.  I had combat boots stored on shelves , my clutch bags were all squished together, and I had 2 stacks of jeans.  I was able to reduce the amount of jeans I have and I decided to store the denim shorts in my dresser drawers since I freed up space in there.
Here are my shelf shoes now:
And a year ago it looked like this: 

As you can see, there was wayyy more shoes.  And that shelf room is quite valuable.  By reducing the amount of shoes I have and WHERE I store them (I moved many down below which you'll see soon), I was able to take my jewelry box off of my dresser and free up surface space there.  I also have room for my hats. 
Here are my top shelf handbags now: 
And here they were before: 
I removed the dust bags from them so I can see all of them. I stuffed the insides so they hold their structure and I arranged them nicely.  It's so much more easier to find the bag I want now.  
 My shoes on the bottom now look like this: 

And before they looked like this: 

I moved shoes all over and got rid of so many so now they fit where I want them to.  Casual shoes are on a shelf but formal, super casual, and boots are all on the floor in my closet. 

I also purged my jewelry way down and arranged it by color as best I could.

I have soooo much more breathing room and I like it much better.  I was able to purge a few items of clothing but honestly, I have no clue what to do with my clothing right now because depending on how work and telework goes in the future I may or may not be able to get rid of a lot of pieces. 

Did you reorganize your closet recently?

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  1. We just did a custom closet and it look so much better. Where did you get the clear plastic separater from that you are using on your jeans.


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