How I Fight the Winter Blues

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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 I have always been someone that thrives outside and in the sunlight.  So it's no shock that winter can be a huge struggle for me.  Not only do I struggle with post holiday blues but the overall winter blues (depending on how much winter we really have or not) can really bring me down.  Of course the way the last year has been, it's no surprise we may all be going extra stir crazy right about now.  If you struggle the same way then definitely keep reading because I am sharing the things I do to fight the winter blues and maybe they can help you too.

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I focus on self care. 
So when I'm really feeling stuck and trapped, maybe because it's frigid cold out and there's nowhere to go or nothing to do outside, I just look at what I can do on the inside....and I don't just mean my house.  I'll do a foot soak, a nice bath, or even a face mask.  I'll give myself a manicure and a deep conditioning on my hair.  The stuff that you really can do when you calm down and slow down is what you should do for self care.  But it doesn't just stop there.   Especially now when working from home everyday, I make an effort to dress up on certain days JUST BECAUSE!  I put on my favorite shirt, my most adorable pair of jeans, and I will add accessories like my finest scarf and my most special jewelry like my favorite diamond earrings  and gold bracelets on my wrists. Jewelry is a favorite way to express myself and I have always been known for layering on the bracelets and wearing stunning earrings or necklaces so why stop now? I embrace the part of me that enjoys dressing up a bit and I celebrate myself by getting dolled up.

I tidy and organize my home.
I mean there's no excuse not to do this when you're literally stuck inside.  So every year, I go around my home and purge and reorganize certain areas.  And if I run out of stuff to do with organizing, I will just do a deep clean of my entire home.  I will wash baseboard heater covers, scrub the walls, wash the floors, vacuum every nook and crevice, and wipe down every surface I can.  I make a list of everything I want to do for organizing and cleaning and then I work on it day by day.  The thing about doing this is I'm pampering my home and myself because I'm making it easier for me to find things and keep my home tidy on an everyday basis.

I plan my year. 
I will set my goals for finances, blogging, and home projects and I will get started on things I can do right away.  I make charts and lists and action plans for everything.  I use a planner every single day for everything from blogging to planning my dinners. Remember, planning for the future is always a good thing as long as you understand that sometimes you have to change plans.  It helps you see the big picture of what's really going on in your life and can help you stop obsessing over the little stuff.   I also love to make lists of stuff I wish to buy in the upcoming year whether it's stuff I need or things I just really really want!

I still get outside. 
If it's even remotely sunny out, I will bundle up and go on a walk or explore the nature areas around my neighborhood.  It can be really relaxing to be alone with nature especially in the quiet of winter.  I feel refreshed and recharged afterwards.  But it's also a special time whenever I get outside because I get to observe nature up close and see how it really looks in the winter.  And you'd be surprised how much life and activity there still is in nature.   There is so much beauty in the world and sometimes just observing it can help brighten your spirits.  In fact, we move at such a fast pace that we usually miss the cool stuff.  So slow down, get outside, and look around you.

I exercise. 
I hate exercising.  But I will do it the best I can.  On snow days, I will shovel extra hard and since I can go outside for walking I will use the elliptical in our basement gym.  I will do anything that gets me breathing heavily and gets my heart thumping because it gets the calories burning and it feels so good. 

I cook new dishes. 
This is the time for me to practice new dishes and find new recipes for dinners.  I used to bake a lot but then I ate horribly so I choose to look for dinner ideas and new ways of preparing them. Eating is a way to nourish the body, mind, and soul, so while I may feel lazy and not want to cook, I know that it's a good way to pamper myself and make myself feel worthy of the extra effort.

I read.  A LOT. 
Reading is a great way to pass the time and escape into another world and guess's free. You can go to your local library or even utilize online libraries in your state.  I get kindle books delivered right to my kindle without even leaving the house when I don't feel like driving to the library to get physical books.   Reading all kinds of books gives me something to do rather than stare out the window and feel down and bored. 

I blog...A LOT. 
I will take my pent up energy and use it to write as much future blog content as possible.  I hate having to do it when it's nice out so I take advantage of dark and cloudy days to blow and work on my social media. I will sprawl out on the couch in my comfy leggings and bare feet and open my laptop and get working.  Being productive helps me feel better even on the darkest of winter days. 

Hopefully some of these things will help you. Remember, winter means that spring is coming next!!

What do you do to combat the winter blues?

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