5 Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Heart

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


The heart is the powerhouse of your body. The amount of work your heart does is enormous and keeping it healthy is essential. One of the leading causes of death worldwide is heart and circulatory illnesses. It can be very easy to take the role of our heart for granted, however, by just adding a few changes to your lifestyles and diets; you can help safeguard your heart health.

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Here are five ways to have a happy and healthy heart.
Bring Down your Cholesterol Levels

Your body needs cholesterol to form healthy cells, however, high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of developing heart illnesses. High cholesterol leads to fatty deposits in the blood vessels. The deposits then grow and make it harder for blood to flow through your arteries. The deposits can cause a heart attack or even stroke by breaking and forming a mass.

You can inherit high cholesterols, but it is normally a result of many unhealthy choices. High cholesterol is avoidable and treatable. Exercise regularly and learn why you can’t lose weight by visit a doctor. Your doctor can prescribe medications to help reduce high cholesterol.
Control your Blood Pressure

Typically, your blood pressure should be 120/80mmHg. Higher readings are considered stage one hypertension and might be controlled by making some simple lifestyle changes. An uncontrolled blood pressure puts you at a higher risk of having heart problems like heart attack, and stroke by almost three times. The best way to control your blood pressure is by cutting down your salt intake.

Avoid sprinkling salt on food salads and reduce the amount of salt you use in cooking. Additionally, when shopping for foodstuffs, make sure to check the labels to check the levels of salt. Avoid foods that have more than 0.6g of sodium per 100g food.
Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

You can increase the quantity of potassium in your diet by increasing the quantity of vegetables and fruits that you eat. Fruits and vegetables have minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which can help keep your heart happy and healthy. Some fruits and vegetables like mango, citrus fruits, and sweet potatoes are packed with soluble fiber that helps reduce the cholesterol levels in your body.

People living a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of suffering from heart complications. One step towards a healthy heart is by being physically active. Exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen the heart muscles, maintaining your weight, and keeping artery damage due to cholesterol at bay. Exercises to help keep your heart healthy include;






To get better results from your exercise, try incorporating aerobic, strength training, and stretching exercises. Remember to have your doctor recommend the best workouts that you can do at home.
Eat Fish

Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and fresh tuna are packed with lots of omega-3 fatty acids that are very helpful to your heart. Omega-3 fatty acids improve your levels of cholesterol. They can also be found in walnuts, spinach, soya pumpkin seeds and canola oils, flaxseed, and flaxseed oil.
Bottom Line

Other than exercising, and making some lifestyle changes, you can keep fit this year by getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and limiting your alcohol intake. Reduce your salt intake to control your blood pressure and eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids to improve and maintain the health of your heart.

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  1. I need to get better at eating more fruit and vegs.



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