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Friday, January 15, 2021

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One of my biggest fears as a dog mom is that one of my babies will wander off, never to return, or that if they're found, the person who finds them won't know how to get them  back to me.  Since my dogs are small and Chihuahuas can have issues with their throats being injured with collars, we usually don't put collars on them. We use a harness when on the leash but when we are just sitting on the patio, we usually just have them on our laps with nothing on their necks.  But now I have found something that's not bulky and makes it so easy for my pups to make it home if they do wander off.  It's Undercollar and it's a genius product!

Undercollar is a great solution for collarless pets.  It allows your pet to always have identification on whether it's at home or under an existing harness or collar when they're out and about.  The founder and CEO of Undercollar, Tracy Young was inspired to come up with this solution after her own dog escaped the house and was hit by a car.  She survived but she was also wearing a collar that was homemade and had Tracy's phone number on it.  So the person that found her was able to call her.  This is why she wanted to design a comfortable collar that can easily get a pet back to it's owner.

Each Undercollar is designed to make sure your ID remains on your pet.  It can stretch and go over your pet's head rather than having to be buckled on.  It's made from a soft, durable, and lightweight banding and each one comes with a waterproof sleeve and a permanent marker so you can add the name of your pet and your name and number.  There's even a QR code that links to PetHub which has partnered with Undercollar and stores the information on their hub.  In fact, 96% of PetHub recovered pets are returned home in less than 24 hours! You just create a free pet profile on PetHub and link the QR code to your profile.  When your pet is found, the QR code is clearly visible and can be returned home with a simple phone app or by calling the number on the Undercollar. They come in XS to XXL sizes. 

Pixie can sometimes wander away because she loves to explore so the fact that I can now have more peace of mind by slipping the Undercollar on her, is so reassuring.  She usually hates wearing ANYTHING but she wasn't phased by the Undercollar AT ALL!

I am not afraid of losing her at all now and I love that the collar comes in bright colors that make it easier to notice so that if she's wandering around, someone can see that she has a collar and make the effort to grab her and get her to her home. 

Even though she's little, the collar is the perfect size for her, not too bulky but not too thin.  At home if she's wearing it she can go about her business without being annoyed and trying to get it off. 

I took these photos before I filled in this section of the Undercollar since I can't give you all my phone number (sorry!) but you can see the Undercollar has plenty of space for you to write your info.  And when it comes time to take it off, it just slips back over her head.  
Another thing I really like with this is the fact that I've heard too many stories where a pet slips it's collar when being walked by someone petsitting and runs off.  Then you have a dog running around that doesn't have a collar on and it's harder to grab them.  This makes it much easier.  And this won't slip off if your regular collar or harness somehow does.

It's SO important to make it easy for someone to reunite your pet to you because time is of the essence when you are in a panic and your pet can't tell whoever finds them where they live.  They can immediately see your name and number and call you right away.  

I want you guys to have this peace of mind too that's why I've teamed up with Undercollar for a giveaway! 

One lucky reader that has a small dog will win a blue XS Undercollar! Make sure you check the size chart here to make sure it will fit your dog.
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