How To Sell Your "Junk" for Extra Cash

Monday, January 11, 2021


 Purging and tidying your home is very rewarding and what better time to do it than now, while the weather is cold and you're stuck inside the house.  Last year I made several hundred dollars in cash selling things on Facebook marketplace as I did a hardcore purge of my home.   Here's how you can try to make some extra cash too.

Figure out what you can sell. 
Obviously when you go through your home and find things you don't want or no longer need you can sell those but you really have to think in categories if you want to get a nice selection.  I always make a list of categories like:
Home decor
Outdoor tools
Workout supplies 
Clothing and shoes
Kitchenware and appliances
Books and movies
Obviously your list may have different categories but here's the types of things I look to sell from my categories: 
Home decor - stuff I have stored and don't need or use, furniture that we no longer want, storage supplies like bins and drawer sets, wall art, throw blankets, etc.
Crafts - excess craft supplies, things I used one or two of and now have excess supplies left over, things I purchased to make but never will end up getting to, etc.
Outdoor tools - yard tools, flower pots, gardening supplies, one time use yard project things that I will never use again, etc.
Workout supplies - jump ropes I don't use, weights I don't use, excess unused yoga mats, workout dvds, etc.
Clothing and shoes - anything I don't wear, never wore, or is in great condition and is a brand someone will want.
Kitchenware and appliances - appliances I don't use, excess cookware, bakeware, drinkware, and serving ware,
Books and movies - self explanatory.

Prepare to sell.
You should make sure your items are in working condition and somewhat clean so it's a good idea to wipe things down with a wet microfiber.  Make sure you also write some details down about your item like what it is, how old it is and how often it was used, the condition it's currently in, and the price.  You also should figure out how you want to sell it. Do you want to do porch pick up or meet up with someone?   

Decide where to sell. 
Obviously you can have a yard sale but there's things like online website and Facebook marketplace which have worked super well for me. 

Get selling. 
Make sure you are open to negotiate or bring down the price if something doesn't sell for a few weeks.  Remember that you want rid of it and that's the ultimate goal. My mindset is, as long as it leaves my home, I'm happy.  If something of mine doesn't sell the first week I knock a few bucks off each additional week.   The logistics of how you operate are up to you.  It's also important to keep a designated area for your stuff that's for sale so it doesn't get mixed in with your regular possessions.   I use a large box for the smaller stuff and keep all of my big items in a group in the basement.  

Donate what you have left. 
If things never end up selling, give them away for free by donating or posting a curb alert online in your local neighborhood group.
I promise you it's worth it and with minimal effort you can free up space in your home and give a new home to things you don't need.  
Do you have much success with selling things for extra cash?

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