3 Rules of Men's Grooming -- Man-friendly Product Alert!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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That's right...men need to special products to, especially for their faces.  Think of how hard their skin takes a beating with the dirt, sun, sweat, etc. from a long day at work, or a day at home working on the house and doing repairs.   So ladies... if your man is always asking what he should do for his skin problems, look no further!   Here are three important grooming tips brought to you by ME and GO 24-7,  product line that can help your man follow these rules!

Rule Number 1:   Use a hot towel to open the pores before shaving and use a cold towel after.   This will help prevent redness and nicks.  

Rule Number 2: Even if your guy doesn't have hair, he still needs to wash that area of his face/head.  

Rule Number 3: Exfoliate once a week to prevent ingrown facial hairs!    

And GO 24-7 has an amazingly luxurious cleanser for his face and a moisturizer to keep his skin soft and smooth.  Nobody wants to be kissed by a grizzly bear now do they? 


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