Chihuahua Tote from Sparkle & Wit Review

Thursday, June 6, 2013

If you like sparkles and Rhinestones, then you will love Sparkle & Wit,  a company with rhinestone tee shirts and totes! Their designs are proudly made in the USA using premium high quality crystals to add sparkle to everything.  They won't fall off and they will look great, not tacky when you proudly show off you apparel and tote!

I am so thrilled because I received a Chihuahua Tote from Sparkle & Wit that says Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.  The chihuahua looks just like my Pixie!

This is a very durable tote and it easily holds everything I bring to work and bring home and it hasn't torn, ripped, stretched or anything!  I get so many compliments on how beautiful the image of the chihuahua is and how cute the embellishment of the rhinestone collar is. None of the gems have come off either!
It measures in at 18.5" wide x 14" high  with a 9x9 inside hanging pocket!

Here's a code for 15% off and free shipping on your order from Sparkle & Wit:

valid until 6/30/2013.

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