What I Give A Cup About! #GiveACup

Friday, June 28, 2013

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Image and value provided by our partner, Peet's
A lot of people make comments about how much work 4 Chihuahuas must be.   And you know what, they are right, especially in the morning. There are two things I do in the morning EVERY MORNING!
I hit start, on my coffee maker and I feed my dogs and let them outside.  Every morning, like clockwork I do these two things, even if I am exhausted.   Why? Because I Give A Cup!!!

And actually, you can let everyone konw what you Give A Cup about too, in the Internet's very first social sampling experiment.  Peet's Coffee actually spent 5 years coming up with the perfect dose for each coffee blend and they use a different kind of filter that allows more flavor to pass through the cup.  So I can enjoy my coffee and enjoy my life of animals.   And even though this week I said I Give A Cup about hot dog eating contests, I'm waiting for the week where they ask if I care about animal shelters and other animal-related subjects.   Because if I vote that I Give A Cup about that, I might end up helping send Peet's Coffee down to an animal shelter!!  


It's up to us to decide where Peet's Coffee goes, so you have to vote and share and participate!   If you give a cup about locally grown food, maybe they'll show up at your local farmer's market!  

The topics are funny, entertaining, and current and your vote will determine where they show up!! Each week a new sampling is hosted so make this a regular part of your web browsing routine!!

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