Rocky's 9th Birthday (with Petsmart and Spoiled Pup Boutique)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Well my little man turned 9 years old yesterday and even though I haven't even had him for 2 years yet, I still feel like I've known him his whole life. I'm pretty sure that in his last home they probably didn't celebrate dog birthdays the way I do so I made sure to spoil him!!

These were some of his gifts thanks to Petsmart and Spoiled Pup Boutique!

Petsmart has a fashionable selection of dog clothing from Tommy Bahama that they feature in stores and online! I love the casual look and styles of the Tommy Bahama line and I adore their tropical-themed toys.

And Spoiled Pup Boutique sent Rocky a stylish vest!  If you need some designer doggy clothes especially for a fancy occassion, I suggest you look at the tuxes, wedding apparel, vests, and dresses at Spoiled Pup Boutique. 

Here is Rocky in his Hawaiin shirt,   which is a light and airy shirt that gives him that relaxed summer look.   It has velcro on the front so it was easy to get on and off of him and the fit was true to size! And 5% of your purchase from Petsmart goes to Petsmart Charities!!!  And his little turtle toy had

Spoiled Pup Boutique gave Rocky a polished look with this vest.  I love the little harness ring on it so I can hook him up to his leash and walk him in style.   And this velcros around the stomach and chest so it was not hard to get on and off of him.   It wasn't bulky and obnoxious (he didn't try to take it off so that says a lot)

Rocky had a great birthday with his sisters and brothers!!   I hope he gets used to the celebration, because it's going to be like this every year as long as I'm his momma!!


  1. Oh my goodness, how stinkin' cute is this? My mini doxy would be so jealous. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Rocky!! Dakota featured Tommy Bahama too, we love it...he is too big for the clothes though


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