Choies Clothing Review

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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I love trendy clothing but I don't like spending half my paycheck on it, which is why I was pleased with the selection and prices at Choies! They have so many different outfit options and they are up to date with every single trend I know about!   So many gorgeous prints and styles and I love how perfectly every item is modeled! It really helped make it easier to pick out my items! 

There's also free shipping worldwide and they even have flash sales you can take advantage of!

I received a grey and black heart top and a beautiful tiger blouse.  The thing about the blouse is that I normally wouldn't think I'd wear something like it but I actually loved it and I thought it looked just fine on me! The fit was great and the fabric was light, airy, and comfortable!

I really do love the heart top for a more casual look. It is SO SOFT and comfortable and I love how it fit!  These are now 2 of my most favorite shirts from my closet and I plan to add some more items to it from Choies!


  1. LOVE that heart shirt! So stylish!

    Lauren xx

  2. My experience from was very different from yours!I ordered 8 items and i will be returning ALL OF THEM! The quality is terrible and for the price its just unacceptable. The sweater that I got was shedding unbelievably and both leggings had print marks on them. I filled in a form to get a refund but I'm worried that now my $180.00 are gone because their return policy states that (Note: 1.All items purchased on sale are non-returnable.) and almost all of mine were.I was so excited because I have read so many great reviews and what I received was a complete waste of money!!

    Also I hate how they get endorsement from popular bloggers and youtubers!! Choies is such a scam!


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