Furry Fashionistas can Stock Up at Petco

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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When it comes to fashion, your pet can certainly be a furry fashionista if you just get the right clothing and apparel. Petco has a great selection of apparel for dogs and they also have some great toys and accessories.    Sometimes it can be great for a photo op when you have neat outfits or cute props, and sometimes throwing a cute shirt on your dog just brightens your mood for the whole day. 

I have always loved the selection of dog clothing at Petco and I especially like that their clothing is high quality and doesn't fall apart or fit weird. 

Petco actually was nice enough to send my pups some adorable things and even a toy!  

If you have a big dog, you need a Tuffy!! It is very very durable and still fun for dogs to play with even if they can't shred it right away.  The loops make great handles when you are playing fetch with your dog or if you just need to grab it from them!

Now for the fashion show....look at the adorable summer dress Stella is modeling from Petco!  It fit great, was easy to put on her and she could walk around just fine in it!!   I love the pattern! 
And if you like to take your pets with you when you go places, why not let them carry their own treats and snacks, with a stylish backpack!! How cute is this! It actually stayed on Stella the whole time I had her wear it!

And before you pass out from the cuteness....blink a few times and then look at cute Stella in her little Mexican blanket outfit!! That's what I call it because it looks like one and wouldn't this be perfect for a Chihuahua Photo Shoot? And yes, that's a pink hat she's wearing!

She wasn't a fan of the tie at first, but it's okay because I think Eli (my parents' chihuahua) and Rocky will love it!   And Petco has adorable tags to put on your pets collar.  Yep, you can accessorize with the trendy little mustache charm! 

I hope you enjoyed Stella's photo shoot!   And stay tuned for more cute pics with my other dogs wearing these awesome Petco outfits!

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