5 Sayings That Will Boost Your Mood

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Next time you find yourself stressed, worried, or upset in any situation stop, and refer to these five sayings:

1. I Made It This Far!

If you are alive today, it means you've survived and whatever you are dealing with at the moment, is just another thing that you will get through.... how should you know this??? BECAUSE! You already survived and made it this far in life!

2.  Will This Matter A Year From Now?

Will It? Probably not... because if it would... you wouldn't even be thinking of this quote.. instead you would be actively working on whatever it is that is stressing you out.  This also helps you look at the big picture.

3. It Could Always be Worse.

It's true.  Whatever it happening right now, think of all the ways it would be even worse.... now recognize that technically, whatever you are dealing with isn't AS BAD as it COULD BE.  Puts it into perspective a bit huh?

4. Life is short.

Soooo stop wasting time worrying.  Just stop..... smile, enjoy the fact that you are alive and existing on this earth, in this life.  And stop thinking or worrying incessantly about anything else.

5. Everything will be better in the morning.
There's a reason they tell you to get a good night's sleep...because when you are well rested, you think clearer, and you aren't so emotional.  So just get to bed early and know that when you wake up you will feel better!

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