An Organized Kitchen Sink Cleaning Cupboard

Monday, June 10, 2013

Being clean and organized is important, but being organized with your cleaning stuff is even MORE important, which is why I found the need to organize BIG TIME underneath the kitchen sink, which is the catch-all for cleaning supplies.
I used dollar tree bins and baskets to keep like items such as carpet cleaners, gloves, dish detergents, and sponges together, and then everything else was lined up in rows.  There's a white bin in the backright corner that contains all the steel/ceramic/stove cleaning solutions and products which aren't used as often . It is so much easier to reach in and grab stuff now and it also will save money because it will stop me from thinking I need to buy a cleaning product that I already have!!  

Have you organized your cleaning supplies yet? Were you shocked at how many of the same item you had?!
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