Akro-Mils Hardware Storage Cabinet Review

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Akro-Mils is a must stop shopping website for organized people like me!  Their products make storage and organizing easy and fun!  No need to worry about where to store things, when Akro-Mils makes it easy for you.  All you have to do is put away your items, because, their products are made with the shortest assembly time in mind! 

I received a Hardware Storage Cabinet from Akro-Mils and I love it!! It's huge yet lightweight and I can't believe how many compartments it has!!! It has unbreakable drawers and a sturdy frame.   And it is now offered in 100% recycled black material.  It's perfect for a craft area or a work bench because you could easily store nuts and bolts in it OR store paper clips, batteries, etc.   These cabinets come in different sizes too so you don't HAVE to have a big one like I got but if you do, just know that you can store ANYTHING and everything in it! I love this thing and it's wall mountable too! I just love how durable it is because I hate flimsy things that fall apart, especially when they are meant to hold your stuff and keep it organized and safe!

Check out Akro-Mils for all your home storage and organization needs! Akro-Mils plastic cabinets can be purchased via Amazon.com, True Value Hardware Stores and other retailers. 

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