Organized Kitchen Pantries

Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay, I forgot to take before pics for some of these but the most epic one I have pics of so that is all that matters.

Everything was a jumbled mess that was not very easy to get to so I redid the pantries with the things that are used most at eye level or on the level that is easiest to reach. 
So how exactly did I do it... well:

-I had to take all the contents out, sort it, purge it (and sold it via Craigslist - you would be surprised how much you can get for unused appliances, etc.)
- I placed stuff in the pantry neatly, making sure it all fit perfectly.

The Can/Food Pantry:
-I placed like stuff together and made sure everything fit on the shelves.

-It still looks disheveled because there was SO MUCH but now that duplicates won't be unneccarisly purchased, it will thin out eventually.

The "not often used" Cupboards:
- All the fine dining dinnerware is organized with the most used more at eye level (this pantry is high up) and the hardly used at the very top.
-The crock pots are next to the stove in the cupboards underneath the counter so they won't take up room elsewhere. These are heavy and bulky so it was best that they are lower down so they can never fall on top of someone as they are being pulled out. 

It feels so much better seeing everything and knowing where everything is..... but.... there's still a few more places in the kitchen that need organized, you'll see!
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