California Footwear Company Review

Friday, June 14, 2013

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The California Footwear Company has a fantastic line of footwear that is perfect for the summer! Obviously they are from California, but they also represent a line of footwear made for people who care about the health of their feet.  They are super light with a compression-molded EVA footbed.  The ergonomic footbed is shaped like your foot instead of an arrow, so it allow your feet and your toes to function as they should.  The heel cup is deep and helps absorb the shock of your footsteps so it's very kind to your heels!  And the elebated heels that are bad for you are not found in this line of footwear, so instead their sandals have a neautral plane which is great for your posture and has great arch support!

I received a pair of Newport White Floral sandals and they are so beautiful, light, and comfortable.  They are absolutely perfect for summer, as the floral design is a great accent accessory design!  I love how comfortable they are not just for standing and lounging, but for actually being on my feet and being active.  They fit perfect and they actually cushion my feet better than any sandal I've worn over the past few years!

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